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  1. Recently it has come to my attention that Grid Status updates are ridiculously nonspecific (or maybe I'm just not on the right developer's table to get the important information). I just want to know in more detail - when linden labs decide to remove a large amount of megaprims or script functions or textures or whatever they choose to - exactly which objects, textures, or functions have been affected, so that I and many others as developers of this world can rectify issues in our builds regarding the new prim and script limitations quickly. With the hope that customers of ours can enjoy our sims while we continue to provide them with support. A lot of us are feeling very in the dark linden labs! Especially recently with physics functions essentially breaking and today's removal of more megaprim objects (which sounds kind of like dejavu to me) even after the fact that linden labs just changed the prim size limits (and didn't see this one coming?). Ranting aside, my question is "Which megaprims on the grid have been removed completely, so we can make new ones." Ummm, I think it's kind of too late for that at this point though... I don't think telling us maybe ahead of time would have aided the griefers in any way, but it certainly would have a lot of sims running smoother and not people falling from their homes or domes or space stations or you know! I am sorry if this sounded like a serious complaintfest but there was no way to direct this to the grid status update in general, so I come here. Thanks to those reading this! Double thanks if you're a linden! Thank you, Ceera Murakami for the detailed and helpful response to the current issue. I raised this question because many came to me feeling as if they were being chumped with no fair warning. I hope this helps us all.
  2. What it really boils down to is that much of second life is mathematics based, as is much of the world around you in real life as well. Everything from building to scripting in second life uses mathematics, even the point at which you stand is a number that can be taken, manipulated, and output however you wish. I think the only limits to mathematics is with the functions and operators we can use, and really those 'limits' aren't very limited at all. We can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and even use more complex functions like and, or, xor. We can apply these mathematics to everything from color to prim size to simple calculations and outputs. Basically, if you can think it, it can be done! I have seen everything from Group theory to Order theory (linked parts), Combinatronics, Geometry, Trigenometry, Topology of course is a huge part of second life, Measurement theory alongside it, I could go on and on.
  3. Yes I am experiencing the same issues (unable to rez objects and unable to get inventory items from database, even though inventory is loaded), this is highly likely due to an issue with the Linden Labs Asset Servers, I cannot answer this for certain but I have faith that this Asset issue will be addressed and resolved quickly, in fact they may be working on it as we speak! This is also likely related to the recent update to the Linden Labs Viewer 2.7.4 (235167) The best thing we can do at the moment is enjoy our default library avatars until this problem is fixed.
  4. Is there any way to disable the teleport progress screens in Linden Labs Viewer 2 (version 2.7.2 (233432)), or is this purely a third party functionality? I have gone through many settings in the Preferences, Advanced Menu and Developer Menu, as well as the Debug Settings window, haven't found much to help me out here... I just want to know plain and simple if this is possible at all, yes or no? Furthermore, is this functionality planned for future Second Life Viewer releases? Edit: Thank you Peewee for the solid answer, and for letting us know that the JIRA is the best place to suggest future developments, some of us still think the JIRA is just for reporting bugs and problems with servers!
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