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  1. Will there ever be a day when all the tiles on a map are visible? It's been what, now? A year since they started having issues with that. Still can see only 3 of our 9 region continent. I just don't understand.
  2. I have a cluster of 9 sims. Only 4 of them have updated map tiles so far. Been waiting what? Since January? But two of the four that are now active actually did update properly. That's progress at least.
  3. In the past two months there has been a crazy increase in the number of day-old avatars begging in as many groups as they can join for free for 40 or so Lindens. As soon as they post in a group, they leave it. But it has gotten to the point where they have hit virtually every aspect of Second Life groups. Crazy amount of spamming all over Second Life. Their profile pics are clearly false (some even have the watermark of the web site they were copied from still on them). Can anything at all be done about them?
  4. Status updated last Jan 21. Any chance we may get the map tiles working soon?
  5. chat is not transmitting When typing in the Local Chat bar then hitting ENTER nothing shows. Is there some setting in Preferencs that go messed up? Firestorm viewer being used
  6. what's going on with traffic numbers for regions lately? They keep going lower and lower. Is SL cutting it's own throat and shutting down or what?
  7. system threw me out and now I'm getting a LOGINS ARE DISABLED error telling me to go to the Status page to see what's up. But there is nothing on the Status page
  8. Is anyone else having issues with SL not being able to rez items or pick them up?
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