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  1. Hello all, Cameleon Lethecus here from Inov! Just wanted to inform the Second Life public that a sales position has just opened up at Inov and we are looking to hire the best that Second Life has to offer! Your job description includes selling our products to the public, acquiring insight on new leads, establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with clients, and giving insight from your own perspective (we encourage and consider employee feedback as well as suggestions strongly). If interested, feel free to send Cameleon Lethecus a notecard or email with your time availability (include time zone please) and your previous job experiences as well as employers (theses can be RL or SL). I look forward to hearing from you all! Cameleon Lethecus CEO Inov Email: InovPR@Gmail.com
  2. Perhaps I should investigate the fashion industry and see what correlates between your real life sexual orientation and the way your express yourself in a virtual world, thanks for the spark Mikka Luik.
  3. In regards to your concerns I should start by making something a bit more clear that seems to be obscure to you. This is not professional research nor do I proclaim to be a professional researcher. I am just a college student with a passion for second life who felt it would be a neat idea to allow residents of Second Life to share there encounters with people that may not know what Second Life is. To let them know that there is a society comprised solely of pixels, yet the emotional stimulus that results from interactions in this pixel world evokes real emotion. Again I am sorry if this offended you in anyway Amethyst Jetaime. I hope all is and continues to be well! Best, Cameleon Lethecus
  4. Hello, If you are one of the many residents involved with the Second Life sex culture; I want to speak with you. I am currently conducting research on the topic of "Virtual sex culture". Please send notecards to Cameleon Lethecus telling me what ever you want to tell me about your involvement in this Virtual Sex Culture. All I want to know is how much you are willing to tell me and ALL INFORMATION WILL BE HELD CONFIDENTIAL (unless instructed otherwise). Interviews are available on request and will be held on an appointment basis. Please send an email to inovPR@Gmail.com if you'd like. P.S.. I am looking for people of all sexual orientations to partake in this research; ambiphillia,Banjee,Bi Curious, Gynephillia, homosexual, heterosexual, Ex-homosexual, metrosexual, pansexual etc. Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read this.
  5. Hello all, CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) of Inov coming to you once again and this time its a bit more... well... Innovative! What I want is for everyone of you out there with a (relatively) new product/brand that you are trying to promote to please leave me a post reply explaining what your product is. If you wish to make it more private notecards are accepted as well as email to InovPR@Gmail.com ( I will sign a NDA if it makes you more comfortable). The best product/brand that crosses my path over these next few days will have its company selected to receive a free InovCard as well as a marketing package, compliments of Inov. I look forward to hearing from all of you ambitious residents soon! Cameleon Lethecus CIO Inov http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rhea/88/168/34
  6. Hello all, As the post title says, I am looking for clothing designers who can design from scratch. If you are good with mesh and or sculpting that is even better. The purpose of the designers will be to work under NuzzCrew's brand that we are introducing to second life. For more questions please contact me in world (Cameleon Lethecus) via NC. If it is urgent and you want an immediate response please feel free to email me at InovPR@Gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you all. P.s. Here is a sample of one of NuzzCrew's songs, just so you can get a feel for our genre: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPkt4dqKipA Cameleon Lethecus Inov CEO
  7. Hello all you programers, I am looking for someone who can program a website that will also have portions of it serving as an external data base for some inworld products. I have pasted the file that contains what I need my website as well as its pages to be capable of doing. Please send inquires/bids on the project to InovPR@Gmail.com. Thank you in advance! Cameleon Lethecus Inov CEO ***REQUIREMENTS*** Features and page tabs with descriptions for the website Home Page: On the home page I would like the company logo as well as an over view. Also I would like a slide show area that cycles through different pictures we decide to put into it. Also on the home page I would like the tabs to the other parts of our site and I would also like a twitter RSS feed that displays what I’m putting on my twitter on the home page of my website and allows users to be able to follow us on twitter. And also a members log in page for people who want to create accounts on the website that have our products and want to be able to use our services from the website. Also on the home page I would like some sort of device that allows users with accounts to leave a comment that will be shown in that field when others come to the site *users or not* I’d like this field to cycle every 5 seconds from one person’s testimonial to another and the people looking at them have the choice to scroll back and see the last testimonial that was up and pause it so they can read it. Product Showcase Tab: Under this tab I would like all of our products to be listed here with a brief description of what they are with the option for users to read a full detail description if they would like. Here I would like it to be set up this way, a medium size picture with the brief description underneath it as well as a link to the SL marketplace page and a link to our in world store where they could buy it next to the in world store link I would like there be something that tells them the product is cheaper if they visit our in world store to make the purchase. I would also like there to be a link they can click that says *user feedback* or * customer testimonials* where people could click it to either leave a testimonial about a product of ours or read testimonials others have left about our product. Advertise on a Lethini Game Board (Once the Lethini Game board is made and ready to be released, this Tab is going to be added in the future): This page is to: -Show prospective buyers places that there are Lethini Game Board ad spaces available on game boards with a small description and picture of the sim they are on, just so people know a little more about the place they are going to be getting the ad space at. - A page where I can feature people who advertise with us, posting a picture as well as a description of their company and an SLURL link to allow people to visit their places in world. (If there is a way to make this all possible to be done by the users who get the spaces instead of me having to do this manually that would be great) Events Tab: Under this tab I would like to put information about events we plan on holding, I would like to be able to put in a picture, a SLURL and a brief description about the event. Maybe even setting up a template for me to just to in and fill out, like have different fields I fill in ( I.e. Under the location field I just put the SLURL, under the description I put a brief description, under the picture field I upload a picture to be shown… you get the jist) Business Card Editor Tab: This tab is straight forward, just like the business card editor tab is now, however I would like a new interface for the input, something sleeker. About Us Tab: Just a simple tab that has our policies, TOS on our products and a quick rundown of who’s who at the company and what position they hold along with email contacts for each of them.
  8. Hello all who have taken the time out to read this post, (you wont be regretful that you did) I am looking to introduce my music groups brand to Second Life and figured that I would reach out to all you sim owners to get involved. Here is a list of the things I am looking for, if you can provide some or all of them please send me an EMAIL to InovPR@Gmail.com or send me an in world notecard with some basic information about your club, and what you can offer NuzzCrew. I look forward to hearing from all of you soon! List: -Location to stream NuzzCrew's music -Stores to host our clothing brand -Location space to host live concerts within Second Life If you can't offer us any of the above, I still encourage you to email me, just include some other things and explain how we could integrate this into the introduction of NuzzCrew's brand to Second Life. Here is a link to some of NuzzCrew's music if you would like to get a sense for our style: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPkt4dqKipA&list=UUzsX4qqJ-8KeylGlGPl6izA *If you leave a comment letting us know your from Second Life and what you think of our music you are automatically entered into a drawing for L$5,000. The winner will be announced VIA YouTube video on March 29th. The Video will be posted to the NuzzCrew YouTube page.
  9. Dear Friendly Second life community, I recently created a product and have tried to list it on marketplace, the only thing holding me back from posting it is the fact that the Active button is grayed out and the inactive button is the only choice I can make for my items status. Please help as soon as you can, I already purchased some advertisement for the product and it is running while the product is not available on marketplace due to this mis-hap. Thanks to all who try to help!
  10. Although I don't like either of your posts inaccurate depiction of my company inov, I must say you have a very good marketing sense, using a reply to advertise a Combat system is ingenious, I applaud you for that, contact me in world, I may just have a position for you. Cameleon Lethecus Inov CEO
  11. I had to find your post the most amusing amongst the others. I must say that there is most likely a product we could offer you to get your brain back in working order, we have a few neurologists in our network. Contact me when your ready to fix this. Cameleon Lethecus Inov CEO
  12. For your first concern, part of our innovative marketing approach is to use different modes and tools to get our product name out there. SL marketplace is used by the masses and really doesn't deviate you from the others, which is what our main goal in marketing/ promotions are. For your second concern, the extensive screening process is comprised of an interview with my partner and I, we would ask you to provide us with a resume of previous employment, venture partaking, and group affiliation. We would also ask you some opinionated/ open ended questions to see what kind of person you are. No RL info is required. For your final concern the panel is already stable and in existence, we just feel the need to add a few more pieces to the equation in an attempt to prepare for the major influx of clients we will be receiving in a very short amount of time. Thank you for your reply, Cameleon Lethecus Inov CEO
  13. Hello all, Cameleon Lethecus reaching out to you from Inov one of Second Life's most innovative businesses. For a while now my colleagues and I have been considering to start a panel within Second Life. This panel would be one that consists of Game Developers, Marketing specialist and innovative thinkers, that feel they have great ideas and resources they would like to mesh with other residents in an effort to form some of Second Life's most revolutionary creations. I am sure all of you who have read this so far are weary of having your Intellectual property stolen, but please don't worry about this. Everyone who is a part of this panel has to undergo EXTENSIVE screening, and even after that only 5 of you will be chosen to be on this panel. If you are interested or simply want to speak with me about other ways I could be of service to you, please contact me in world via notecard. If you'd like to come visit me in person here is the taxi to my office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20District%20Bravo/170/23/23 Best Regards and wishes Cameleon Lethecus
  14. I plan to conduct a test to see what DJs think of the new Inov Business Card and if what they think is directly correlated with their game age,genre and fan following. I plan to use this information for a future project. Djs must be at least 3 months old, and currently involved with Djing in second life. As a gift for taking part in this correlation you will receive a L$250 voucher for the Inov store. Please send me a notecard with your game age, Genre of music you spin and avatar name as soon as possible, only the first 50 DJs that respond to me will be used for this test. Thank you all in advance!! Cameleon Lethecus
  15. If you have yet to hear about the new and revolutionary Inov Business Cards I would advise for you to contact me, Cameleon Lethecus and get your invite to the next FREE demonstration session of this innovative tool held at the Inov Headquarters sim. Hope to hear from you soon Cameleon Lethecus Inov Founder
  16. The Terminal I want made is similar to this here Kiosk Terminal on Google images: http://www.allproducts.com/manufacture100/INKIOSKS/product3-s.jpg Please contact me in world to go over price, time frame and finer details. Thank you for taking the time to read this WANTED Post.
  17. I am looking for someone to make a video. I want the video to hit these 3 key points: •Explain what the product does •Interest the person so much they are curious about the product •Explain how to use the product I want the video to have a 21st century feel to it, "techy" Short sweet and to the point Please contact for a meeting to go over details so the understanding of how it will look and how the process will look can be discussed.
  18. Job Description: You are a sales person and your product is my newest creation, BYB Business cards. Your task is to go around the Second Life™ grid and find potential customers to propose the product to. Once the deal is set up you will contact me VIA Notecard and IM. If the deal is successful you will receive a L$500 commission payment for your work, how ever if the deal ends up not being successful, you will not receive your commission payment. If you aren't passionate, dedicated and hard working don't bother contacting me for an interview. However, if you feel you have what it takes to make this a lucrative experience for the both of us, I implore you to contact me ASAP. I look forward to hearing from all of the dedicated hard working residents of Second Life™.
  19. Hello everyone thank you for reading this. Im looking for a scriptor to do some moderate to advanced scripting for a game. Please contact me if you feel that you have the skill and time to pick up a project like this.
  20. Please contact me in world if you can handle Php and LsL coding I have a project that involves communications in world VIA a website server. Contact me in world for more info.
  21. Im looking to hire a web designer for a clothing website. Please contact me in world via Notecard. More information will be given under a NDA. 
  22. Im looking to hire a web designer for a clothing website. Please contact me in world via Notecard. More information will be given under a NDA.
  23. Im looking for someone to shoot a promotional video for my newest line of clothing. If you have high quality and experience please contact me in world (via IM or Notecard) . If you have some examples of stuff you have already done I would like to see them, paying well to have this done correctly.
  24. Im looking for an experienced clothing maker that can also include and make sculpties into outfits. Please contact me in world via notecard because my IMs are always capped. Also for those that know how to script in addition to making clothing this isn't something required but is definitely a nice bonus for the project in mind. Hope to speak with all of you aspiring artist out there in the vast sea of Second life soon Sincerely yours, Cameleon Lethecus, CEO F.I.N.K. Co.:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  25. If you have access to a variety of sounds and also have the ablilty to upload crystal clear sounds in the format of .WAV please contact me in world asap via NC or IM.
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