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  1. Hello Blue, It is nice to see that you are learning to code! I encourage you to keep going and really hone your craft! It will really turn out to be somehting that is priceless down the road! If you would like, I know a few people who would love to help you, and may even have small projects for you to work on as you are learning! Revo is a great old friend of mine and has helped many in SL (Programmers and those looking for programmers) in many ways! Hope to hear from you soon Blue!
  2. Perrie Juran, Thank you for your comment contribution! There are some big changes in store for the future of virtual worlds! Cam
  3. Dresden Ceriano, *Smiles* You are entitled to your own opinion. How ever, fact can not be altered by opinion. Have a great day! Cam
  4. Theresa Tennyson, Thank you for your response! This is a valid point, that the users would have to trust the middle man, however, the middle man would be in the business of protecting the users information, as well as distributing the goods from the merchant to the consumer. The middle man would also have legal documentation clearly stating what s/he can or can not do with your information, as well as what s/he intends to do with your information; while the merchant does not. Simply put, the middle man would be a legally liable entity for negligent information use , while the merchant would not be. Cam
  5. Madelane McMasters, I thank you for your comment! I love the amount of engagment I have recieved from the SL Community on this topic. In response to your statement " I'd give them my RL information so they could ship to me; but they'd have no way of knowing Iwas also a customer in a virtual world" I must pose the question, what if they make purchase via Linden on their website for the RL good an option that they would like residents to utilize? Cam
  6. Phil Deakins, While I respectifully disagree with your comments regarding me as potentially being deceitful and having an ulterier motive, I can view your argument of "there never being any need to give any RL information to any merchant in a Virtual World", with a slight bit of agreeance. For some residents, the thought of owning a good made by an SL resident, but physically in RL is just completley insane, for others; this may be something that has long been wished for, but the service to keep their identiy safe just was not made available, and therefor merchants as well as consumers just never wanted to engage in it. These are points of interest that the vast world of Second Life holds and I want them to be known. Cam
  7. Irihapeti, Haha, I chuckled a bit at your response. A money exchange that made the exchange available through different means may be what Second Life needs, something that offers a better rate in the end for Linden Dollars, while still remaining within TOS. Perhaps a meeting with Data (another replyer to this post) is what you should look into. All the best, Cam
  8. Data, You have a great idea there, perhaps something you should pursue in devloping! I am a firm believer that as technology advances and becomes more and more, a part of everyday life, people will slowley start to blend the two together and there will not be a need anymore for Alias names in Virtual Worlds (or at least no need for anonymity behind the name). If you take a look at my past posts over the years, some include research on our world of Second Life. These are the things I find extreamly interseting and important to understanding where our society is headed. Thank you for your reply! Cam
  9. Dresden Ceriano, To clarify, the post "how much online privacy is worth to you" has no relation to my job post for a GUI expert. These are two completely separate posts with two completely separate motives. With this post, I am interested in hearing the view of Second Life Residents on the information they are making available, and just how far they are willing to go, to get what they want. With the other post, it was for a product I am working on at the present moment in real life with my team of programmers from my University, and I wanted to make the GUI position available to a Second Life Resident, because I owe a lot to Second Life and understand the extreme talent that it holds. In the future, there will be "Free" services made available to residents of Second Life, but it will come at a cost of your information. I know the people working on these services have read this post, and have seen the feedback I have gotten. I hope they take it into account, when devloping these services, that privacy is a very cherished thing and that the method in which they design these services should include a helathy balance between data collection and conservation. Cam
  10. Marianne, I love that you made that statement, saying that "you buy Linden Dollars to use it to shop with". Who is to say that a great designer in SL wishes they could start selling their designs in RL, the only thing stoping them is that they know SL residents wouldnt give out ( or would be hesitant to give out) their address to someone they dont know personally. How much would it be worth to you to keep the information private, but still get the item of clothing and support a designer whoms designs you enjoy? Great statement Marianne! Cam
  11. Hey there Second Life residents, I have been pondering something for quite some time now, and that is, How much is keeping your real life adress, out of the hands of merchants, in virtual worlds (not just second life) worth to you? I feel using dollar terms as the scale here, will help to quantify such a qualitative question. So I am curious to know; how much is it worth to you? Cam
  12. Hello Virtual World! I am looking for a GUI expert to come in and create from in progress wireframes and skethces, that my team has created. In short; the product is: - Real Life - Targeted at B-Schools acrossed the country (starting in Buffalo, New York) - A finacial simulation using real elements as components of the game play - A revolutionary idea that is both engaging and educational I would like the inquiries to be done in a professional manner if possible, so please send an email (Subject Line: Zonal GUI Submission) to InovSL@Gmail.com. In the email be sure to: - Explain why you want to work on this project - Attach any previous work you have worked on in the past - Quote your hourly rate (in L$ or a currency of your chosing) One major qualification for this job is to be fluent in english, we will consider those who are not fluent, but please understand basic communicative english. Best, Cam
  13. Hey Second Lifers, Cameleon here with Inov, Since our last sucessful product for the SL public, our InovCard, we have moved on to bigger and more exciting things! We are currently looking for a GUI expert to help us launch our RL product. Our product is a business simulation game that allows user to buy, sell and improve properties while all the materials to do so are tied to an exterior Options Market to add a parellel to the already fascinating game. We currently are in negotiations with some already established companies to have the door open for aquasition once our product has proven sucessful and we want to "Cash Out". In closing, we have a great team, a great product, and just need a great GUI expert to help us further this product (mock ups are already completed). Email inquiries and portfolios if you have them to InovPR@Gmail.com Looking forward to speaking with some of you soon! -MV
  14. Thank you for your post Coby! I can definitly see the linear progression and it just fascinates me when you start seeing it in multiple avatars you come across!
  15. Perfect! This is what I found to be one of the many answers. I am interetsed in what your initial thoughts were when you joined SL. Were they just to come into a world to "get away" or was it more of a curiosity that you had and wanted to just explore. If you dont mind elaborating, on this, I would appreciate it!
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