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  1. Probably a completely stupid question, but how do I get group tags to show in V3? It would just be easier to know I have my home group on etc so i don't have to go rummaging through my groups just to check :/
  2. So I am in the market for a new laptop, nothing too fancy around £600/£650, my trusty old HP Pavilion is slowly dieing and SL is just soo damn slow on it now! But I am scared of what to choose in case it will not run SL, when i bought my first laptop, a toshiba, i had to change it straight away as sl would not run on it! This has made me wary of future choices! Anyway the specs for the Lenovo are as follows i3-2330M or i5-2430m 8GB 750GB AMD 6650M 2Gand the Asus i5-2430 6GB 640GBS NVIDIA Ge - Force GT 540M (1GB dedicated) On paper the lenovo seems to beat asus, but i hear that the asus bu
  3. Thanks to everyone who posted It does seem to be a problem with high prim scripted objects like jewellery. Also it seems to be better when huds are detached too! It is definitely a complete pain to have to tp into somewhere without your ao and finery! I hope LL will resolve this issue
  4. Aaaarghhhhh my avi won't teleport hardly anywhere! I am even having problems TPing from sims next to each other! It just tells me to try again in a few minutes :S this has been happening for a couple of weeks now anyone got a solution?
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