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    Quick Question

    How come that when i am online in second life text or names show in blank squares in firestorm but when i am on my dashboard they show as normal?
  2. A new club with an open stage free for DJ's to use No Schedule but we are working on a 2 day schedule with 8 hour DJ's for 2 steady days the rest wil be and stays an Open stage We are looking for Industrial, Metal, Electronic, Noize DJ's that spin Live!! so Experience in live Mixing is needed. Hosts are welcome as wel With or With out Experience, but you must be atleast 30 days old in Secondlife, Host training when needed wil be given by us. For more info and or an Application you can contact: Owners: Nekrotek Resident or Luxrugani resident Manager Amelia Faith DJ Manager: b4ssc0ntr0ll Resident Host Manager: Athena Streeter Or stop in to get your DJ or Host Application your self and have a look around on our Sim and Stores at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Real/212/221/3003 And for events and other information you also can find us on Systematic Underground
  3. For all that still want to download Windows 10 and aint sure if the graphics and or vid cards are supported it is like Microsoft tolt you if you aint sure wait with downloading the 10 version if you use your Computer everyday, to wait and see wat problems will show
  4. "Hello Venetia". yes there is an option on the lumiya vieuwer to do a region restart under Miscellaneous - Region restart, or you can Contact Alina Lyvette inworld when not online leave her a notecard with your question or you could send an E-mail to support@lumiyaviewer.com for all your questions hopefully this was helpfull =) greets Amelia
  5. If in your general chat window you see SPAM KEY (Highlighted, the same way an avatar name is) click on it and mute the owner of this thing. (You may want to AR them as well)
  6. Hi Mysticalmisty send me an IM when you get online see if we can get you more info on whats going on :matte-motes-grin:
  7. Click on the Merchant Outbox to transfer all your items in to marketplace every thing that is transferd to marketplace will be listed in to the marketplace listings
  8. yup i am on windows 10 and my SL works great
  9. try logging in on another Sim and see if that solve the issue not sure you rent a parcel there it could be that the parcel is locked cos of behind on rent
  10. What you could do is do a search on your PC on your avatar name if the folder with the avatar name pops up delite the whole folder it gives you a totaly new and fresh vieuwer, that should solve your problem
  11. My question is for you how do people like me who always used Dutch Exchance, get there linden dollars now? coss true Lindex, Paypal and Skrill you need a creditcard and how about the people in the EU lands who cant own a creditcardbecause of depths and or other isseus that they cannot have a creditcard, how can we get our lindens now and pay for our lands we used duth exchange for so long and now that is all gone we are basicly out of the game cos we cannot pay for our land and or bussnisses greets Amelia Faith
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