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  1. I cant login to aditi since yesterday, is it down or I have issues with my connection
  2. I have an issue with the mesh upload status in adati. It doesnt allows me to pass the IP test, I gave all the correct answers and succesfully finish the test, but when I go to my Mesh Upload Status, it keep saying that i need to pass the test again Also the payment information takes me to a broken page I have my mesh upload status correct on the normal second life, also I have tryed to reset my password on second life beta, but keep happen the same error ┬┐Someone knows how can i fix this?
  3. Hi, I am starting to create clothes for some custom avatars on second life, I would like to know a way to export the custom avatar with his skin weight and bones from second life to maya. I have seen that Wiz Slav import from maya could be helpful... but it seems that doesnt include the skin weight. Also I have seen that I could use Wiz Slav import from blender, to import the skin weight, and then import the information to maya... but I have never used blender before, and I am a little unsure that this was a good idea. And then... I was thinking in use Maya star riggiging to help me to rig my clothes over the avatar with weights or use Avastar directly on blender to rigg my clothes I hope some of you could make me a recomendation to do the exportation of the custom avatar, or is there a easier way to do what i am planning. Also, thanks for reading.
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