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  1. So I have this mesh of a variation of Dark Maul's lightsaber, upon retexturing and changing the tint of certain faces, the tints and textures either revert or just go black. Any idea what this is about? What Ive done so far. Tested on Singularity and SL Viewer, same results. Cleared Cache. When tinting regular prims, it does not repeat, the tint and texture hold.
  2. Alright, I feel better now! So my meshs will remain the same as far as looks, just the code behind them will change is what your saying?
  3. Now I dont know if I caught a rumor mill or what, but I am hearing current meshes will be useless since they are apprently recoding Meshs to be better, but the current meshes, will be considered legacy and not supported, anyone shed light on this who actually knows and isnt a rumor troll?
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