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  1. I'm having the same issue with my GTX 460. I thought I was alone by all the wrong answers I have seen from nVidia AND Second Life. I've tried everything. The only way I can log into SL V3 is to completely empty my computer's cache in SL application data. THEN, I can log on ONCE and play for as long as I like. The second time I try to log with the same avatar, it fails. MORE answers PLEASE!!!
  2. You look AMAZING, Miss Myriam... mucho tongue-hanging-out-shechzay!! Thank you for all the great ideas. Can't wait for the forum tomorrow!!
  3. thank you... your's was a correct answer too Calveen, but they only gave me one option when I made Peewee's correct. I had to make it just helpful. That stinks, you should both get credit.
  4. Thank you Peewee for your answer. Part of my question was "where". If I were wanting to cancel and rebid where would I track that? It doesn't say anything about that in the email I received and I don't see it anywhere in my account info.
  5. I made a buy offer a few days ago and the USD money was removed from my account. However, I haven't heard any word about it. I've done this before in the past and have had no problems. Usually the notification comes within a day. Is there a place I can track what my bid was? And how long should I wait before I start worrying about my money?
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