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  1. I have the same issues ! Also the error ... even when I try upload images whitch I had uploaded before. So no damages on the images !
  2. I can't logging get the message unscheduled account maintenance but there is nothing listed for to day ? What is going on ???
  3. Hello, I use a food dispenser to feed my breedables. I have been using them for long time. For over a week now I can't fill them with new food. I have 3 diffrent ones, they all do the same and 2 are from diffrent manufactors. They do refill the plaits when the are empt and sent allerts to my email. Only thing is I can't refill the dispensers, and they need to be refilled because there starting to be empty. I relogged, rerezzed the dispensers, took them to another sim tried refill the there, didn't work eighter. When I drag the food to the dispenser in edit mode the food is gone from inventory but doesn't appear in the dispenser. When I relog the food is back in inventory. I have to many breedables to feed them manualy so I need a fix for this. It happend after the for last update of the SL viewer. Please help, Strawberry Easterwood.
  4. Hello, I have trouble with my account. It gives me login failed. Before that I purched something inworld and didn't get it because of some inventory failure, it was an error I have never seen. So I relogged but still the item I bought wasn't there. So I cleared cache and relogged again. Then I got this login failed message. So now I can't get in I tried with an Alt, can't login eighter. Could you help please ! Strawberry Easterwood.
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