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  1. May 7th - May 23rd, 2011 Thirty-three.. yes 33! Creators are set up in one place! Join us for the biggest - Kids Summer Fair - EVER! 01. Pink Promise 02. Not Your Ordinary Princess 03. Amazing Ally 04. Cute Bytes 05. Turducken 06. Lemonade 07. Cyberkitten Designs 08. Candii Kitten 09. Fluffie's Designs 10. Lvs Kids 11. Lil Bratz 12. Baby Couture Munchkins 13. Abby Lane 14. Baby Couture 15. Absolute Girl 16. Razzberry 17. Spronkwing's Book Store 18. Dream Doll 19. Kiddie Kouture 20. Pocket Full of Poses 21. Rawr Muffins 22. Bliss 23. DayDreams Kids 24. Vicarious Vitae 25. Tiny Spaces 26. Dollee Pocket 27. Happy Tots 28. Label Me Inc. 29. Itty Betty Pretty Thang 30. Icepop 31. Slingshot Kids 32. Aquatic Friends 33. Whiskey Jack Ranch Sponsors: - Next Gen Inc. - Aftershock - Silvercrest Highschool - Jellybeans - Making Adoption Wishes Come True - FairyTale Gardens - Toys4Kids - Xeolots - Cupcake Culture - Pleasantville - Hardknock Elementary - Oceanside Elementary - Kawaii Ville - Say What? - Pixie Stix - Glorious Insanity - Andromeda Felisimo (Donated use of the land) Click here for a bicycle ride to the fair!
  2. You're right, my mistake. On Rez not Apez.
  3. They didn't need to buy it to begin with. What was the point? Rhetorical answer: To tear it up like they did XStreet and Apez. But, they never said "Oh this is too expensive." They said "We are going to incorporate parts of this into your SL experience." (paraphrasing of course) They bought it to shut it down with no regard for people who are NOT SL related who used it. People who potentially could have become members of SL just by seeing it on AU, thereby increasing their revenue! Now who's going to see it? No one. Who's going to experience all the lovely, wonderful things they merge into SL? Existing users.
  4. Agreed! Buy something they don't really want, keep it for a while, then instead of recovering some of their expenditure they toss it aside so they can spend more money reinventing the wheel! Makes PERFECT business sense! <insert irony here..which is ironic I have to say this but some people don't get irony so I have to point it out to them.. if you laughed, you get it, ironically.>
  5. Suggestion....remove the link to AU from the bottom of the Marketplace home page. Guess whoever does that website doesn't read this one.....
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