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  1. It doesn't happen when I've crashed or been disconnected. I log out normally and when I am ready to log in again....it starts fetching. I rarely crash or get disconnected.
  2. Every time I log in my inventory makes me go through the fetching of inventory. It does it on it's own and it's very frustrating to have to stand there till it finishes. Why does this happen and what can I do to avoid this?
  3. I did see her post ...and thanks for the reply..... :-)
  4. 2017-11-24 20:31:132a8e01b2Destination: Commerce Linden L$ Payment Description: MKT2 Item Purchase Order #1461216281L$1960 Purchased 10 items and the Lindens were taken from my account , but never recieved any of them... Looking at the other questions, I see I wasn't the only one this happened to. Have submitted a ticket to Support as I'm not sure the vendors ever recieved the orders... : (
  5. JJ's place....She calls it "Home"....Hope you will call it "Home" also : ) A FUN, LAID BACK, RUN DOWN OLD BLUES and MORE CLUB !! Serving up Down Home Tunezzz ! The Atmosphere-Relaxed --The Music-Hot @ JJ's Joint !! We pride ourselves on a relaxed atmosphere where people feel at home, conversation is good and the staff are friendly! Join us soon and *feel the difference* for yourself! Stop by and visit for a bit.....We promise you'll be gald you did ... : ))
  6. JJ'S JOINT is holding a Raffle !! Up for grabs this round is a "The Geronimo" Indian Chopper !! It's Gorgeous !! $100L to enter and everyone can enter as many times as you want!! The more you enter the better the odds !! This is a custom make Bike from JFC Bikes, that sells for $2999L and is fully loaded with 6 gears and changable textures and options to fit your preferences !! Thanks to Jimbo for providing us with this fabulous bike !! We will be holding these Raffles once or twice a month...Make sure you stop by to get your entry in !! ~~**~~ JJ'S JOINT~~ **~~ Swamp W, Sinners Ra
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