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  1. What I'm interrested to know behind all this is whether or not it is possible. I don't want to actually try and compete, as you pointed out, that would be -very- hard. If you try to take a look at Zyngo's devil, angel and joker you will see that the graphic reminds me scaringly much of the ones from Slingo (Link here) so I am also wondering if the owners of Zyngo might have done a bit of stealing themselves..
  2. Hi there! Okay, so here's a thing I've been wondering about for a couple of years. When I first joined SL, one of the most impressive things I fell over was the game "Zyngo." It could make you rich, while also incredibly poor. So I spend lots of hours in front of those machines playing. However- I thought that they were scaringly similar to a game I played before... And I was not wrong. I had been playing Zyngo before. Just not under that name. I had been playing it under the name of "Slingo." (Link to the game is here, and a link to the wikipedia can be found here). So now question goes; how protected is the game concept of "Zyngo" or "Slingo" in reality? Could I also make the game, although slightly altered, and avoid problems with the so called "creator"? Discuss :)
  3. Thanks for the tip Dirk. And great work you guyes! Can't wait to upload my mesh o-o PPS: The link works fine for me
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