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  1. yeah, get another viewer to run in conjuntion with the first. Its very easy to run SL2 at the same time as, say, phoenix viewer. :-)
  2. How do I reduce teh viewer size in the latest release of viewer? The default size pretty much sucks.
  3. On the whole the latest incarnations of the viewers do ok. However, it is extremely time consuming and inefficient to do something then have to spend as muchtime again, clicking the notifications that I have just done the things Ive done. If I have to clear out 10 messages from people or groups, then I also have to go through at least as much time, clicking OK to all the notifications of everything I have done, and this is how it is EVERY TIME. It's horrible. And I cant even turn this off in preferences with any effectiveness or efficiency. The ONLY way to get the notices turned off is to go through and manually remove each one from the list, then as soon as I use a different computer, the whole list resets preferences to notifying me every time. Its exteremely annoying. My personal feeling is, as an intelligent adult, I come online to enjoy secondlife, not to spend all my time clicking OK buttons telling me I just closed messages. The next incarnation of viewer needs a way to turn this off entirely, or just get rid of them. Or Better yet, borrow a page from your competitions viewers, and offer the option of "only deliver necessary messages"...such as system updates, maturity content alerts, etc. really, there isno need in the world to have a message to click, telling you that you just closed a message. It, um.....silly...ya know?
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