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  1. I totally support this decion, as this is identical to lottery. Good desition, an alternative would be to play for it on gaming regions, and offer a direct buy.
  2. Homestead Sim with Estate Manager rights for rent Name: Windy Cove/Secret Paradise Size: 65536m2 Prims: 3750 Topography: up to you Special: Rent Conditions: 7000L$/week, min 4 weeks Purchase price: no purchase price Availability: about 1 day after request (to allow cleanup) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Windy%20Cove/135/61/22 Contact Buddhy Singh inworld by NC or email to buddhy.singh [@] my1net.net 
  3. I try to get on mainland where I own the whole sim to limit only to 1 club or conectrate breeding. If someone rent 1/2 sim it will be more than 10 horses or whatever. So it make sense to say that this here is welcome, as all on this sim do breeding, and do not complain. Regards Bud
  4. Size: 8272m2 Prims: 1893 Topography: flat Special: Adult, protected waterfront (Linden water), access to big Linden Water Rent Conditions: 2480L$/week, min 4 weeks Buy conditions: 17L$/sqm Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wilburs%20Gate/113/218/23 Regards Bud
  5. We just got 1/2 sim (32'768m2/7500prims) of flat mainland free. Get it for 8500l$/week. Minimum rental time is 4 weeks, after first month weekly payable. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ottewell/143/74/58 Regards Bud 
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