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  1. Hello I am Moden Spyker, I am looking to start up a new Breedable. I am posting here looking for a 50/50 partner that has skills to turn a design sketch, into a life like second life pet. MUST HAVES: Skills in 3d object design Inworld animation skills of said design. Skills to texture design Imagination for modified design for future traits Ability for open communications via email or Skype Requirement of signing noncompete and confidentiality forms. If interested contact me via email, not forms at telazorn@gmail.com Any discussion into concept and design If concept will require nondisclosure and non-competinh forms to be signed.
  2. I love the offer of being able to Cash out Linden but I wish the time was a lot shorter 5-7 is crazy when paypal accepts credits right then and there... :matte-motes-asleep-2: this mite get deleted but still Wanted!!! LOL
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