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  1. Follow up to the follow up. It suddenly started working again with-out my doing anything, BUT that only lasted about two days and it stopped again. I think that was immediately after a re-start; I've already re-compiled the scripts, is there anything else I can do?
  2. Folow up: About three weeks later, it suddenly just started working again all on it's own.
  3. About a week and a half ago, llEMail quit working on a certain Sim. It has worked fine on that Sim for over a year. I took the object to another Sim and it worked fine there; put it in Inventory, took out the exact same object that just worked on the other Sim and it doesn't work on this one certain Sim. I have full build & group permissions on that Sim. I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions? Thanks! (I understand that Linden enforces a 500 EMail per hour limit per user, but there is no way I came anywhere close to that - 500 a YEAR, maybe, maximum.)
  4. I am so sick to death of advertising that at this point, if I notice your advertisement, it is negative advertising (I'll remember to NOT buy that product.)
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