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  1. there are for sure many styles that would sell. best before starting is maybe to ask what would i buy and wear myself or what do i like to see my partner to wear
  2. lol "too many" was a good answer rofl; anyhow it depends on the brand of breedables, some may jsut be one, others several. best thing instead of asking something like this here is to look up the makers manual; most companies that sell breedables also have their own site with faqs and q/a where u might find the right answer; or join the breeders group for the cats u try to breed
  3. Friday Teardrop


    no i dont know what is going on, especially as not knowing where you got your L from, but at times from my experience it can take up to 24 hours before u receive the purchased L. if its not there by then just do a support ticket
  4. thats something you cant just give a general answer to like yes or no. depends on what type of sim that is and on the sim rules and all. if its a residential sim and you r the only person around it should be ok, or one of those sl baby clinics, other than that rather not
  5. like said those limits will increase automatically with lindex, is one reason i dont use it yet. if you want to buy or sell more L than lindex allows then there are several other companies where u can do that (although they might have their own limits); just google "buy Lindens" and u will get a whole list of pretty good exchange platforms.
  6. usually if an item disappers is not because of copyright reasons but just plain and simple that your inventory didnt load correctly, what also can affect items that u r wearing. just go to the preferences of your viewer, clear caches and relog somewhere where u dont have any lag and let your inventory and your av load before doing anything else. depending on the size of your inventory it might take a while till everything shows up tho
  7. well it is diffucult to tell what to do but as it seems to be a certain kind of breedable i would contact the maker and ask first what is going on or maybe there is something in the manual of the purchased breedable about it
  8. there is a lot of free good shapes and other stuff on the marketplace. just go to the section you want to have a look for (apparel or avatar appearance) and sort either by price low to high or click the price range under the subject u r lookin under. there it says 0-10 L, 11-100 L or so and so on. most free stuff i dont consider that great but also some of the best stores give out free stuff there at times like most hair i use. or another way is do lucky chair jumping and mm board slapping to win some good quality items
  9. well you can use an orb or set the voice to a limit on the parcel. better is several orbs cause some ppl may be still able to fly into your house. also the camming into your home is not 100% safe. all they need to do is look on their radar and pick "cam to avatar" or "teleport to avatar" there r too many spy tools out there anyhow that u cant be too sure what all they can do so all u can do is make it as safe as u can
  10. well yes doing an abuse report under help/report abuse is the right way. what i also would do if it is your land just eject and ban the person, either by rightclicking on them or click on top of your viewer "about land" and put them on the ban list. if u r not the owner then just ask your landlord, tell him or her whats goin on and ask politely to ban that person. being nuked and such is also why not everybody on the parcel should have rezzing rights .... well they still might be able to just wear the item and drop it
  11. yes there are limits set by sl, depending how old your payment info is and so on, but there are companies that also buy and sell L$ and their limits might be higher or lower on how many L you can buy or sell. just put in search of your google or so "buy Lindens"
  12. on the grid status report site it says Scheduled maintanance Sunday, May 18th, 2014 [Posted 2:15 PM PDT, 15 May 2014] The Second Life Service will be closed for logins for approximately one hour on Thursday, 22 May beginning at 7am PDT. Residents in world will not be logged out, but will experience loss of supporting services such as search and inventory. New logins will not be accepted, and Residents in world should not attempt to transfer or manipulate L$ or valuable (no-copy) assets until the ALL CLEAR is given. As always, if the scope or the schedule of the work changes, we will update this post. but that will be in a few days, so i rather guess taht your inventory didnt load correctly, not that u lost it all. try to clean your caches and reboot in a sim that doesnt have any lag and let your inventory completely load before doing much else (no tping around). it seems to also help when you type into inventory search "a" till it quits loading and then e, i, o, u for some reason. i personally also clear out my sl folders once in a whil directly on my hard drive and then let everything loads till i have it all back
  13. yupp, dont worry too much. that glitch happens once in a while. just unusual that it takes longer than usual. when i compare it with word is like highlighting everything in a document and tell it to show symbols instead of all the actual pictures; then it can also look like marketplace looks now
  14. it happened to me too quiete a few times since i joiined sl, but today and yesterday? never been that long before, usually just a few minutes. strange thing is that there is no single word about it on the issue tracker whatsoever site that they would work on marketplace or so
  15. not that i know of. the only way to get a sl mesh object "out of sl" is that a seller would give you also a link to download the maps,dae files and so on so u could work with them in a 3d program. so in fact it is not exporting, but working with the files that were used to import them into sl
  16. like syo said its actually pretty easy; if you dont want to try to change your appearance yourself there are many stores that are specialized on children shapes, skins, clothes, toys and so on. and if you r not too sure where to go just try sl market place. they have an extra section for kids.
  17. if you didnt get your bought L yet it rather would help if you contacted LL directly instead of posting it here as a question where it might take ages before somebody reads it before u get any help
  18. we tried it with several viewers on 2 different pcs, so i guess it is messing up for everybody right now ... or should i say already most of the day :-(
  19. by hitting ok on that message you just confirm that you read that you would need an application; so of course nothing much will happen. well depending on what application it is you only may actualize one of your drivers or download that application and install it; is like an extra lil program that is needed maybe by your audio or graphic system whatsoever so sl will be able to run as long as u meet the requirements. i had the same problem a few weeks ago trying to install a chat only viewer for sl on my very old pc as the common viewer it would not handle, so i just searched on the net for the aplication, installed it and now i can be in sl even on that stoneage pc
  20. i do not understand how somebody could ask such a question. Everybody knows such a thing is illegal and against tos. one reason is not just the child protection laws but also that you never can be sure if the other person is an adult like you or a minor that just claims to be adult. and it is kind of funny that people think only because it is the internet they can do everything they want without getting busted. my advice when somebody comes across such a pervert is: print out screenshot and chatlog and bring it streight to the cops so they can find out who is the person behind the av. wouldnt worry too much about the country as that can be found out by the ip adress and there are some international programs where cops of several countries work against child abuse and such together
  21. my wife had a simmular problem once as she worn an item just for fun to check what it will do, well unfortnunatelly she was then not allowed to talk in open chat or anything, made me crack up but was hell to figure out what to do till somebody helped who has experience with rlv. ok you can not turn rlv on and off in your viewer like you want like everything else in preferences, you have to kind of use a back door. When you turn it off while you are in your viewer doesnt work, nor does it work by just logging out and log back in. what you have to do is log out, then open your viewer back up , go before you log in into preferences and turn rlv off, then close the viewer and open it back up and log in. is what we have been told and it worked. I dont know what viewer you are using, depending on which one just uncheck under whatever tab you find it "Allow remote scripted viewer controlls (rlva) (requieres restart)" In firestorm for example you find it under preferences, then just go down to the firestorm tab and then "general" (please dont mix it with the general preferences of the viewer where u set language and stuff)
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