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  1. $1 per prim a week when most good boats are like over 500 prim thats insane lol
  2. thankyou for your reply but they should fix or refund. OK everyone make sure your crystal clear when it come to the terms of service when playing a online game like second life. They all state in small print that the money you spend in the game will be lost if the game should close for any reason or become liquidated...this applies in my opinion with any company be it online or real world. So if you lose your inventory full or part while the game is still active that you spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on, Then its the responsibility of the game owners to either retrieve all your lost items or refund in full. Don`t get caught out!!
  3. thankyou for your reply but i had alreay done this today due to crashing and dont fix the issue.
  4. everything in my inventory has gone even some things was wearing. i payed hundreds of real dollars for this :((( If this isnt fixed i expect linden lab for a full refund. because i cant ask the creators for one and wouldnt even know where to start. how can i check my account spent?? so i can bill linden labs if i dont get my stuff back :( because they will be the only ones to blame, when they own and manage the inventory server.
  5. the new changes announced are a silly rush on LL`s part, being that still today alot of people hate and cant work with mesh due to the alpha problems. i say they should of fixed issues like this before rolling out another big change. because the way they are going is down, as figures show from only a few years back now. when you login there is half the ammount of people online ingame to that what used to be back then. they need to be extremely careful today after losing alot of none profit companies recently from land price changes.
  6. that is very sad but thats because you the creators are the ones who would have to file the dmca`s which in turn they never go any further because the court and legal fees would cost loads more than the creator them self make in second life. so in my opinion its a waste of time. sl needs to remove the option of being able to tale lindens outside of the virtual grid and into real life. then all would be more a real game again like from the start. fun and no real.
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