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  1. Same here. Unable to log in. Tried two accounts, and cannot get in on either.
  2. OMG I feel so dumb! I took a break and that was what I needed to see my mistake (as per usual). I had tried to stroke around the eyes with a lighter gray, and had accidently stroked around the whole eye piece, and didn't notice it because the gray was the same shade of gray as the box surrounding my .psd file! *derp!* Thanks for replying
  3. Thanks, but no. It does extend, so that's not it I've tried all the stuff I would do for a shirt or a pair of pants, and none of that is working. I just can't figure it...
  4. Hi all. I'm making a mask on the tattoo layer, and I'm having a problem which is frustrating me no end. My mask is all nice and looking good...until I zoom out. Then I see seams!! Zoom in, no seams. Zoom out..SEAMS!!! I have tried everything I can think of to fix this. The seams are there where the forehead meets the top of the head, and where the left and ride sides of the head join at the top. The seams look light colored, like maybe the skin is showing thru or something. I've put a black layer as my bottom layer, I've made the bottom layer actually larger than the size of the other layers. I've tried switching from tga to png. I've tried everything I can think of that might actually help and it doesn't. I'm desperate for ideas. Thanks in advance :)
  5. Not as yet. Hopefully! I would also like to be able to attach related items in bulk. It's annoying to search for boots and then have to keep going back to relate one after another pair. And wouldn't it be sweet if when I related Boots - White on the listing for Boots - Black, if it would automatically related Boots - Black on the listing for Boots -White? Dreamin'....
  6. Asking $399 and I will pay the transfer fee. Also will accept 110,000L as payment. I still have my store there, but will remove items today if you buy today. Contact in world, Ivy Thatch. Email: ivyenvy1@gmail.com Please do not message on the forum itself. Thanks :)
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