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  1. There is any option instead of Aditi for Rigged-Mesh testing purposes before upload to Agni?
  2. I can't login into the beta grid since 24th of this month... The error message shown is: Login failed. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. Please, check status.secondlifegrid.net to see if there is a known problem with the service. If you continue to experience problems, please check your network and firewall setup. The Agni (normal) grid is working well... network and firewall problems discarded. Tested with Phoenix Viewer, Firestorm Viewer, Second Life V3 Viewer andNirans Viewer, and with two different accounts, all with the same ending, Is over there any solution?
  3. There is no a "best way" to fit a rigged mesh to everyone. The AO considered ... "nervous", or with a high movement rate tends to cause problems with the mesh, there is always some area that will be out of place. The best way to "mask" this problem is a good skin weight on the conflictive parts (pelvis, and end of extremities) and always test it before on Aditi with a dance animation. There are viewers with a slow motion option that can be useful in this point.
  4. To my knowledge, you can use .fbx instead of .obj After many tests, I realized that the best option is to save as maya binary with another name, and rescale the same object to the required size. NOTE: You probably need to adjust the skin weights a bit, according to the new size.
  5. Today I log in 2 times, subsequent attempts resulted in "Login Failed. Despite our best efforts..." Tested again with... - Nirans Viewer - Second Life 3.3.3 Viewer - Phoenix Viewer
  6. Me too. Tested with Second Life official viewer, Phoenix Viewer, and Nirans Viewer. With all of them, the same result. Unable to connect to aditi grid.
  7. ok, I see that you are extruding faces, instead of edges. First of all, try only selecting the edges that you need (Press Right Button and Edges, the upper option), only the upper border of the model. But if you need a perfect border of the top, the best way is duplicating and reversing normals. Select the model, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, on the Polygon menu, Normals and then Reverse... Next, select the faces that you don't need on the new model and erase all of them. And... at last... Combine the two models. I know it's laborious, but I think is the best option. Seems like there are some vertex not merged correctly.
  8. There are many options in that situation... but I think you should explain a little better. 1. Duplicate the model and reverse the face normals (clearing unnecesary faces before) and combine. 2. Using extrude, and adjusting vertex on the inside. (For complex models... maybe the better option). - Select edges. - Extrude without any movement. - Use the Scale Tool to reduce the new edges a bit. - Extrude the new edges again. - Move them inside the model.
  9. The problem is... the model is not inside out, but the light seems like the faces are on the other side. Soften Edge doesn't work... at least for me.
  10. Ok, I will try to explain a bit what happened to reach this "bug"... I'm using Maya Autodesk 2011 to vuild this meshes. The right arm is a "Duplicate Special" with Y inverted to makeit on the opposite side of the avatar. The problems starts here, after first import, all the face normals of the right arm has reversed. Selecting all the faces of that side, I revert back manually. Ok, after second import, the face normals seems fine, but...Shadows are up? and lights down?
  11. Before say anything... I supposed that you are using Blender. A little more info is helpfully. Ok, If you are looking for not losing much quality, the better way is... unwrap like a 360º Cylinder excepting the top part and the inside top part... but is only one opinion... Another way is... two faces, one for the outside, and another one for the inside... but I do not think it necessary in this case. Sorry, I am more accustomed to using Maya. PD: I just saw your other post, well ... seems that many of the normals are inverted, before unwrap, check the face normals direction. Another possibility... a package lost on the upload... but have lost too many faces to be likely.
  12. I'm actually playing with the smooth bind options to make a long skirt "natural", but in all my tests the skirt always creates a line of division between the two legs when walking... I've seen in a video that have been created skirts that do not have that problem ... I imagine it's because one of the options here are not well marked ... maybe ... "dropoff rate"? Could anyone give me some suggestions? I'm actually using Maya Autodesk 2011.
  13. Missing faces are different with every reload, and... as curious note... with Phoenix Viewer, I can't see errors during the upload or inworld, but with the latest V3 Viewer, 2/3 attempts of upload shows any face missed.
  14. Maybe the problem is in Aditi? After many tests... In the official grid, with Phoenix Viewer, the mesh appears in the preview without a single failure/missing face ... (confirmed). In the Aditi grid, two out of three previews appear with one or more faces missing, an the other one with any glitch on the texture. (confirmed). To confirm: - Upload mesh with Phoenix Viewer on Aditi Grid. - Upload mesh with Official Viewer on the Agni Grid..
  15. I've tried freezing the transformations, resetting, deleting the history, in all cases with many faces "missed" or relocated on the import, or weird shadowed. I'm ussing Maya Autodesk 2012 (64 bits), and FBX Collada. Can anyone tell me I'm doing wrong? I would be very grateful ...I'm almost desperate, all afternoon trying on Aditi....
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