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  1. thank you your reply was really helpfull for me to further understand this. With the feet would i just select the foot vertex group and weight paint em and not worrie about assigning paint to the leg vertex groups and is there anyway to make him smaller then the default avatar
  2. is it possible to rig non human shapes effectivly using the entire skeleton and changing joint positions? I have been teaching myself how to model in blender and i made a simple shape with hands a feet but when i put the joints where i thought they should be my mesh looked fine in the preview but when i uploaded and wore it it seemed super deformed i so changed the wieght paint around thinking i understood it and now his head is caved in lol. what would be the best way to go about rigging this shape should the feet just be attach to the upper legs? hopefully someone understands my messy question sorry lol also its suppposed to be about up to the knee of the original avatar but im not quite sure how to keep the size i want either. im starting to think maybe i should stick to the human shape to build an avatar
  3. Ive been working on a series of avatars using the Zig March's body crusher ao but the flying animation glitches my avatar because i need the legs to remain slightly spread as when there on the ground. I searched everywhere for possibly a bvh file of these because on a forum somewhere they said the stand animation was avalible for download somewhere but it has eluded me. is there anyways i can get ahole of these bvh files that someone may know of? i tried to replicate it in qv animatior and it comes nowhere close or maybe a different animatior that would allow me to attempt to replicate the animations with similar positions. thanks for the help :)
  4. actually it does exactly what i want but there is a problem. the poles are automatically placed on the face of your object instead of the sides how the heck am i supposed to texture the face of the sculpty with the horrifically blurred spiraling texture on both faces. if the poles where on the side of the shape it would be fine
  5. ill have to try tokoroten it looks exaclty like what i was looking for thanks
  6. Is it possible to take a flat shape such as the letter T draw it flat then extrude it outward to form a sculpty. like the extrude function of autocad. Or maybe a program where i can import and image flat of the example of the T in the background of the workspace and then plot points of the sculpty over top of it. what program would you use to do this. What im trying to achieve is extracting non primitive shapes from flat to outward giving it some thickness versus using and alpha with no thickness hopefully this makes sense.
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