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  1. TY for this conversation... really really helpful!
  2. Thank you for that idea! But any idea how I can access that content in-world?... so as to assign the image to a prim face?
  3. It's fantastic that the world map now functions! But sadly, it seems that the very useful service provided by "http://www.subnova.com/secondlife/api/map.php?sim=" which provides a texture UUID for the target regionname is broken. Does anyone know of an alternate way to get this content? Or have any info regarding whether the subnova people will restore this service? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Sudane........................
  4. Technically, trying to clip the "List" of Finds.
  5. How can I copy to clipboard, or otherwise export, the "Find" in the viewer tool, Area Search for Objects? Thanks for any advice! Sudane.................................
  6. Since the anim that supports LookAt needs to NOT control the head or neck at all, are there any creators that sell such anims? And identify their product as such? I mean, sure, one can go to every possible store and try every possible pose stand. I've tried an awful lot and don't find it, so I'm wondering if anyone has found anything. @Emma, I looked on MP and didn't find the anim you mentioned... I'd be happy to check it out. Thx! Sudane...............................
  7. Where can I find standing and sitting animations which preserve the "LookAt" feature... where you turn your head to look at whatever you've clicked on? I have some very old anims by Luth Brodie which allow LookAt, but anything new that I've tried blocks it completely. And I've really looked all over. No one even seems to mention the LookAt function, as if it was no longer important :(. I'd REALLY love to be able to breathe at the same time as looking at the person I'm talking to! Sudane.............................................
  8. Is there any discussion or wiki content regarding the settings in Skies labeled Moisture Level, Droplet Radius, or Ice Level? Sudane.................................
  9. I'm clipping Blush's quote above, with her emphases: This form is used to report to the IRS the gross proceeds earned from L$ sales transactions in a calendar year. Linden Lab is required to file this form for US residents who reach certain transaction thresholds. For U.S. residents with 200 or more L$ sale transactions with a total amount of gross proceeds in excess of $20,000 in a calendar year, we are required to file a Form 1099-K with the IRS reporting those transactions for that year. An L$ sale transaction is not the same as a "process credit" transaction. An L$ sale transac
  10. Well, what you're saying makes perfect sense and is perfectly acceptable. But it sure doesn't read that way to me. In my experience, "cash out" has always meant the same as "process credit"... i.e. get cash out of LL. I can totally understand LL wishing to report "process credit" transactions, since they are transmitting funds to another person. But that's not what they say, and the verbiage really suggests otherwise.
  11. I read that, but it seems to me from looking at all the statements contained in the wiki, that they are referring to transactions other than those made on the Lindex. If it is only Lindex transactions which they are reporting, why didn't they say that? This is not clear. I'd be happy to be informed that it's only the transactions which are really US$ transactions (the exchange of L$s for US$s) which they are reporting...
  12. So LL will be sending 1099s, beginning with 2018. Not on your cash-outs, in US$s (if you are a US person), but on L$ transactions! The sum total of all your L$ transactions, in all of your avie accounts, will be reported, in the US, to the IRS. ???? Where do they get the idea that they can document, convincingly, to the IRS the US$ value of EVERY L$ payment you have received? And along with that question... will LL now give us access to all our 2018 L$ EXPENSE transactions, along with a method for convincingly declaring the US$ value of those? So that... hey... fair is fair. A bu
  13. This script is not used in objects for sale. It's used in buildings which I own to enable renters to change the inside textures. Nothing is actually transferred to the user of the script, and they don't see the UUID either. They can just change the designated faces to different textures.
  14. I've tested my script with other avies, and it works the same as it does for me. They don't own the textures involved, but the function still returns the UUID to the rest of the script.
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