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  1. It seemed about time for my annual visit to whatever is passing for a forum these days. I have to say this new format actually looks pretty damn good. That Jive stuff was the pits and good riddance! I rummaged around here for a while and navigation was a bit of a challenge but that is true of any new environment. What I failed miserably to find was any place that had some heart and soul. It all seemed a tad sterile. Sure, there are the odd posts here in Off Topic and one other section whose name escapes me (it was obviously that memorable) but I got no sense of community. Not that I was ever that active in the original forums (fora for Pep) but they were certainly entertaining and though I was mostly on the sideline it felt like home, family - warts, black sheep, skeletons and all. Maybe it will just take time, I don't even know how long this new forum has been active. Maybe next time I will stay a little longer. Until then I bid you adieu and wish you well. Rime
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    Terrain Texture

    Looks like you suffered (continue to suffer) the same issue I did which seems to be related to older, lower end graphics cards. See https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13853 for some snapshots. I guess they raised the bar on what constitutes a minimum graphics capability. Sorry, doesn;t look like this is going to get fixed. Rime
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