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  1. Everytime I log in my L$ is set to 20L$ and I have way more than that. I have to have someone send me 1L$ for them to show up I am using sl viewer I shouldn't have to do this everytime can someone help?
  2. Tek Bachman

    Terrain Texture

    no it doesn't seem to get fixed not a priority so i went back to sl viewer 1.22
  3. Tek Bachman

    Terrain Texture

    that would be good if i was the sims owner but am not the parcel of land i own is part of a mainland sims i only own 1/4 of it
  4. Tek Bachman

    Terrain Texture

    I am using the new 1.23 viewer  I own a parcel of land  when i was using the 1.22 viewer the terrain texture showed grassy texture  now that i'm using the new 1.23 viewer it shows a sandy texture any suggestion how to fix this ?
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