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  1. Just to Clarify... Antiquity and Morgans do alot of coop rp and battles. We are talking about joining borders. It hasnt happened as of yet.
  2. Hi Sashiko I just happened to click on your post. I guess we are all looking for a bit of something.. LOL If you get a chance come and check out Antiquity and Morgans straits. We are two communities that have recently come together to form one great community. We run the gambit from pirate and navy rp to royals and nobles to towns folk and even house servents. YOu said your a bit submisive. We have many noble houses looking for people to rp as servents. Think downton abbey house staff. We dont do slavery. Good luck in your Search. Edward Beaumont.
  3. If you like Vintage rp.. like 1700s 1800s we have a hospital and battles so people are always getting hurt. Come Check out Antiquity.
  4. Hi Mandi. Yes antiquity is alive and doing well. Although now you have me wondering which LM in my pics is bad.. LOL admitedly im a bit lazy about that. Im not sure how ot post urls here.. but if you search for Antiquity you will find us. I know that the visitor center is in Antiquity Texas.
  5. Hi Winn. I'll send you an Im inwolrd. we can talk more there since your already familiar with the community, it would be pretty easy to get you invovled.
  6. Does anyone know if an avi that isnt age verified is entered on the whitelist of an adult sim if they would be able to enter that sim?
  7. Hi Splatulated, I am a Pirate captain in Antiquity. The ships you listed are all great ships, but they are live aboards. meaning static. I think one or tow of her ships might drive with what is considered a motor boat script. If you are looking for something that sails and battles with SL winds you need a ship that is "SPD" compatible. you can actually search by spd. It is what we use for our pirate ship battles. There are multiple builders and classes for purchase. Hope this Helps and good Luck.
  8. Sure Jesica. no problem at all.. Although we might have to find you a Mr. Bates.
  9. Hello Ford. We have a wide variety of folks on at all different time periods. I myself am usually on in that 8 to 10 pm time period.
  10. Hello Drake. good question. We are based on historical periods in human history. We do allow any race. however you would be treated as if you were human. no one would be like.. oh look there is an an elf. We have a fellow who is a furry and he still dresses in proper period attire. he is just a bit hairyer than most. Feel free to contact me in world for any more questions.
  11. Antiquity is a large RP region with everything from Nobles to pirates. We have several houses of nobility that are in need of house staff. Lady's maids, Butlers, cooks, gardeners. We have an RP coin system to pay wages. These are empolyed rp positions, not slavery. All house staff will be treated with respect and are considered members of the community. Our Time frame is mid 1700s to mid 1800s If you are interested you can contact Claudia Anne Elisbeth d'Orleans(Mitsughan) or Edward Beaumont(Eddy Cannonball) for information or to help with placement.
  12. Maddie if your still looking, check out my forum post. see if it interestes you. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/Looking-for-a-child-for-SL-family-and-RP-in-large-rp-community/td-p/2544422
  13. Hi Livvy, My partner and I are rping starting a family. I had just posted in the forum myself. While we arent looking ot have more than one child right now, it could be a possibility down the road, or, if it might interest you becuase of the type of rp we do, You could always use your older avi to rp being the nanny also. Check out my post, see if it looks interesting to you, and send me a nc inword if you are interested. Thanks, Eddy
  14. I've never really posted for something like this before, but here it goes. My SL partner and I are looking ot start a family. Infact, she is already pregnent. What we are looking for is someone interested in rping from early child hood to, well where ever it takes us. We are a duke and dutchess living in Antiquity which is an rp community based in the 1700-1800 range. We have a very active community in a 16 sim region with everything from horse riding to sailing and even battles. We live in a palace along with my Aunt who is the Regent Princess. The family is very large with lots of cousins. The community is child friendly with many other children rpers. There is an Antiquity kids group and a school with a teacher. What we are looking for is someone who is outgoing wiht a good sense of humor. We are both in north america and speak english. We want someone who wants to get involved with the community and feels free to rp with others in the community even when we arent around. What we dont want is someone who is looking for a daddy warbucks and a free ride. Ive had this happen before. We would like ot beable to use family names as part of the rp, but that is flexible. We are also flexible on age progresion, Like I said, we want to start off with an early childhood scenario and you can grow as quickly or slowly to your ideal rp age as you like. If you are interested please send a NC to Edward Beaumont(eddy.cannonball) or Rose Beaumont(rose.bomse)
  15. Welcome to SL. The problem with being an assasin is that in most sl roleplays, killing and perment death usually isnt allowed. becuase no one wants to stay dead. YOu would be much beeter off playing a mercanary or bounty hunter. There are any number of roleplays and sims that would work in, from space to westerns to pirates. I hope that helps.
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