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  1. My "offended" comment was tongue-in-cheek - the bluntness took me aback I guess Thank you for the input - you saved me a couple of hundred dollars - drinks are on me!
  2. Maybe just tone down a bit? I feel as though my original query offended you lol As for the 4 questions you asked - no, it is not a "second-hand typewriter machine" and yes, it runs Windows 10. The 3rd question you posed was budget: $300-400. And yes, laptop, to answer the 4th. Thanks for your help - is there anyone else with an opinion?
  3. I guess that's a "no" then. I really appreciate your input, but you come across as very judgemental. I had no idea, hence my asking. It's a Dell Inspiron 3000 - yes it's low-end, I know that much. What I am asking, more specifically, is WILL SL run on it - at the lowest settings.
  4. Any insight appreciated. I'm on a suuuuper tight budget. Will SL run on this? 7th Generation AMD A6-9220e Processor with Radeon™ R4 Graphics Memory: 4GB, DDR4, 2400MHz Hard Drive: 32GB eMMC Video Card: Integrated graphics with AMD APU
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