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  1. Please send a notecard to GAIA ROSSINI (or email at gaiarossini@gmail.com) . Please state tier date. TY
  2. Question for LL We are running contests that started before the new Skill gaminc policy . Some contests will take a lot of time before payment. Prolly they will pay out after Sept.1st. It could happen that winners that will be paid reside in one of the prohibited stated o& contries or are underage. This will be considered a violation of Skill gaming policy ? We can check if contesters have payment info on file but no way to check out where they lives or their age.
  3. Quote: His post was ... "How does our lawyer provide required documentation for games that have not been approved yet" He is a potential game operator not a game creator or in regards to his question he is. He is asking about games that have not been approved yet. Both Game creators and game operators are required to get legal opinions on their activities and games in question. The difficulty is an attourney can't given opinions on their clients activities as a skill game operator without knowing the games in question. The games an operator has access to on their sim have to go through an approval process by the game creator who also has to get legal opinions. Game operators are stuck and not likely will be able to do much of anything until there are games to pick from that are approved as games of skill. For all we know the current games that are out there may or may not have to be modified to fit in as a game of skill so his attorney isn't going to offer an opinion on something sight unseen. I totally agree, my attorney agree . Why LL is no more answering to this post? Why LL is not answering to support tickets about this new policy (including tickets sent by concierge)?
  4. Question to LL manager Recently LL announced the born of a new SL , totally different from the existing one. Items will not be transferrable platform to platform. Old SL will be online , as far as I understood , till it is profitable for LL. The process to apply for new LL skill games policy will cost to operators and creators thousands USD. Will it be valid also for the new platform ? We should consider it carefully before investing our money. Thank you in advance for your reply
  5. I do hope it is as you said, because Italian law allows italians to file auto certification .
  6. I would ask for end of September about Creators and other 2 weeks for operators. I live in UE and during Agoust is a desert here. Courts are closed and attorneys are in holiday. I do need a US attorney but I also need a UE sollicitor. Thank you.
  7. Hi Linden Lab. I am speaking as a future applicant to become an operator. Would you please consider to give us a longer deadline? Actually we have only 3 weeks and agoust holidays are next door. Creators too are in a total mess. Operators can not move on without creators. You are updating frequently FAQ but we still have so many doubts and questions. Please also consider 2 different deadline for creators and operators. My attorney will not produce any document till we have the availability of creators documentation. Thank you in advance
  8. Hi Linden Lab. Just a few questions to file application to become an operator : - Echosign : you require a SSN number. I am not american. i tried to file it with my fiscal code (equivalent to your america r SNN). It was not accepted - It is required to provide transactions from 1st of the year ...LL site allows only to dowload transactions of last 31 days . How we can do? - it is required to provide a list of approved skill games we have...dont you think this process have to be made in 2 phases with 2 seperate deadlines? Before the games scripter (so operators will know what is allowed or not) and next the operators. - you require A reasoned legal opinion from a credible attorney in good standing, which describes in detail the operation and legality of the games of skill you are submitting for approval, including the creators of each game of skill; A sworn affidavit or declaration 1) certifies the facts set forth in the application and legal opinion; and 2) attests compliance with Linden Lab’s requirements. Please explain me the difference beetwen those 2 points . Do not think it is the same? Dont you think that it is enough the legal stuff provided by game creator? Do we have to use a local (not american ) attorney? Thank you
  9. Thank you so much Relig!
  10. I dont have the time to check every avatar name on ban list ...and very often spammers come back......my main problem are spammers , not griefers...I ban , I report to LL ....I clear the ban list and they come back , I ban about 5 spammers a day...make your math .. :-(
  11. Yes i know it ...but i need a tool with a scanner which does not allow "banned" avatar to get into the estate .....SL estate limit is only 500 avatars
  12. Gaia Gabe

    Multisim protection

    I own 3 sim. I am looking for an advanced security system which allows me and my managers to ban someone in all 3 sim with 1 click..... Any suggestion? TYVM in advance.
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