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  1. I HATE THAT NEW THING!!! HOW DARE YOU SHAKE US UP BESIDES HAVE THE NOTICE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN...AND SL ORIGINATES FROM CALIFORNIA TOO!? SHEESH! You should have more sensativity!! grumble ... groan... sigh.... A long LONG time user... Lyne
  2. I have cleared cache, I can't deal with this FRIEND list not functioning! PLEASE TELL THE TECHS!! 1. I can't select to IM a friend who is on line. 2. I can't SEE a person who has ME checked as on line!! This is so dificult when one of us crashes so often and we can't even see each other. and yes I trust the persons and tell them, they are checked, they tell me I am and we can't see us as "on line"... 3. we have checked and un checked. no response. viewers in use: Ascent, Phonenix.
  3. I wrote up a little thing about SL for my non computer Mom...and I explained it as going to a foreign country with it's own currency, commerce and lands! It is difficult but not impossible...my Mom finally got it and one day told me with great cheerfulness that another of our relatives met someone "on the computer" and they have been happily married for some time now! (I have a SL to RL relationship happening myself!) The other way, a FUN way was when my son came to my house to fix my computer and I could SHOW him, as well as my grand daughter and daughter in law - ME in SL... how I move, dance, etc... They were delighted and interested and drawn in by it, they felt it was like a movie come real. :-) Anyway, the foreign country description works good for me. :smileyvery-happy:
  4. I really tried to enjoy the new physics...but when SL is laggy, it can do STRANGE things to physics and boobs! Boobs that either flatten like an OLD lady or bulge up like over blown balloons and freeze there! :( I am SO going back to Ascent! All I really got out of Phoenix was names of people and the names of music.... and any technical glitches really throw me off of the SL experience... so as long as Ascent is working, (even if it's Recent is broken) I am back with it! I have a high end machine built FOR SL, a 6 mbps speed, latest Phoenix, tried different physics sets, re logging and so on... I am sure the technology will come round but having my body react to motion like it's a "water bed" and sloshes about is not my idea of something pretty or sexy. Thanks for listening. I love SL - it means the world to me, but just had to vent a little on this new aspect. LyneMarie
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