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  1. hello , its been years that i have this issue never got taking care off, never was giving an answer so i am going to try again item garden couple couch is not mine, and does not exist , but a photo of a women avatar black hair with a not so nice dress := is there and dont belong to my store https://marketplace.secondlife.com/fr-FR/stores/31135?search[maturity]=General&search =2&search[per_page]=12&search[store_id]=31135 and i have another one , thank you for helping ,,
  2. hello i have at least 30 items photos only of items i have been deleting, they was not there but now they are , what is happening to my marketplace ? What can i do ,its also images items that dont belong to me ,that have never been taking away in years, i had posted a demande for help but nothing was done, ihave deleted firestorm , and loaded a secondlife thinkingthat was goign to help , but nothing , and the number of my pack do not goes up to 62 pages , when its showing more then 75 in my editing, thak you for your help
  3. hello;; i changed my password problem now on neta i have to connect with the old password , on secondlife with the one ijust reset , need explication if possible thank you
  4. escuse me but i have a huge problem can someone help , merchant box is not intializing no more , i have tried everything i couls find on google , i even send a case in market , can someone tell me if it happen to them ,and what they did to fix it please thank you hello , i think this can help the issue , only i cannot do more , when i connect on beta , my avatar show a connection in the year 2012 , my inventory , apparence is the same name , the merchant box open, but when i connect back tho the one with the same name , the same avatar , carefull it is not a second avatar, its the same , my correct inventory , my av, are the one when i connect to secondlife not beta only cannot initialize the merchant box, i have disconnected the account market in the av connected on beta of the year 2012 ,thinking it may be a conflict , please tell me what you can do from the information i am giving, careful , my inventory the good one is the one of 2015 , the one that i have no more need is the one that shows in beta the years 2012 ;thank you
  5. hello , i hope you can help me with this problem , i have a market store , its a pack in my market that has been there for a while , the image does not belong to me or to the description of the pack , if i go to the link to see the item in that pack ,it does not exit , like , deleted , but its still showing in my market ,thank you for your time ,and sorry for my french !
  6. 173ls weekly ,,, montly ?? cam you give me more information about this land, i will look at it once i connect thank you i need a commercial one only !! thank you
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