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  1. Can I use my premium membership to pay to change my alts Resident last name? Or how long of a membership would my alt have to buy to qualify for the change?
  2. Oh dear.. neither a viable option for me. So this is not solvable.
  3. not oh now I went to my land. which as I said is deeded to a group. and in owner setting for group its says allow objects to be deeded to land. but on the land settings .. when I look the box allow deed to group is unchecked and greyed out so I cant change it. I edited the furniture and see "share" next to the word deed. Does that mean it is deeded? It still says me as owner.. not the group. just logged on alt and she cant rezz while I am there,, grr.. now I don't know how to set up land settings for deed to group. sighs
  4. Oh thank you Rolig. The land is deeded so I will deed this furniture. Thank you so much. Makes total sense :)
  5. I have an issue with most all of my furniture that rezzes props, A kitchen that rezzes food and utensils, a dining table that rezzes place mats, candles, etc.. a bed that rezzes extra props, tables, pillows, etc. All are set to security setting ALL, menu ALL. I have AVSitter set on my land. If I use the equipment it works perfectly, and anyone else can use it at that time too without problems. If I am off sim and someone else tries to use the sink, rezz a prop, whatever. nothing, they get the animations but no props. As soon as I show up.. then it works for them too. I am so frustrated as I have my land set to public use and yet the public cant use them. The three that I refer to are all from different makers. Does anyone have a clue what I need to do to solve this??
  6. omg thank you!! uninstalled and reinstalled Firestorm and now I can get url's again!!!
  7. Until recently if I was on Marketplace and clicked an URL for the inworld store it would open a landmark and I could tp right over while I was inworld. I use Firestorm as my main viewer. I recently looked at the Cool SL Viewer as a back-up viewer and since then it wont open an URL. (I deleted the Cool SL Viewer from my desktop computer) now the link says "Need an app to open this link" grrrr what do I do to get it back to working? It is very inconvenient to have to copy link into local chat to get a landmark to store.
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