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  1. When I try to retrieve the password, it asks for the email, and I tell it the email no longer exists, at which point it repeatedly takes me back to the log in page! I put in a ticket, but have not heard anything from LL! (I put in the ticket about a month ago!) Does anyone have ANY advice they can offer in this situation? I need to get control of that avatar back before something goes awry, if you know what I mean? Thank you very much! --Gigi (aka Galvana Gustafson)
  2. Thank you Nuria! I think I have it fixed now... sometimes when I log off for a long while, when I log back in -- it's "off" again. Just gotta love SL! (any clue about the SunKissed matches?) (I *think* you have the Tan?) Oh... and responding to a reply above this one: my SL feet DO stink and sweat! LOL! ;-)
  3. Syn, Thanks! I've looked at those before, but I see no means of wearing heels? Am I mistaken there too? Thanks again!!
  4. Thanks for the clarification; the way the original message came across originally was that other popular skin-makers (LAQ, etc) provided the information while Belleza chose not to. That is what annoyed me. I am NOT a builder (I lack the patience), and I know just enough about this stuff to get by. I never thought of how -- or if -- the RGB (& base) numbers were being relayed amongst the popularly recognized shoe makers and skin makers. It seems to me that it would benefit both of them when it came to consumer relations and making money. When I thought Belleza was the only hold-out, I was about to dump their stuff and start over. Again! (The matches for LAQ skins are a lot closer in N-Core, for some reason.) Similarly, if N-Core were the only shoe maker not to have the matches, I would have dumped them for a brand that had them. As I stated before, I am a consumer, not a builder. But as a consumer, of course I am looking for products with the least amount of hassle. I spend a TON of money on my avi's appeararance. And I DO mean a ton... If the skin makers wanted to do its buyers the favor of providing matches for things like shoes, I can promise you that I would pay quite handsomely for it. Make me sign a promissory note that I would NOT share the numbers, at risk of being thrown out of SL for a violation of some kind. Would it be so bad if our skins actually matched our shoes? It would make the skins look better; I can promise you that! I'm still a bit upset that my skin doesn't match the dozens upon dozens of shoes in my inventory. I like the Lily V2. A lot. But I detest the skin-matching being so terribly off. I may have to dump Belleza anyway. Thanks for your help, and patience with a non-builder... I appreciate it.
  5. P.S. I always send notecards more than once... and I'm not sure I know what you mean by "manually?" Adjust the numbers myself? With no guide? I am LOUSY at that... I make a mess of it, every time... Well, this month started out bad -- just got worse... Lovely...
  6. The Belleza Lily Version 2 is from 2012? The Lily Version 1 is in N-Core's base, but not Version 2. Lily Version 2 even has a new skin tone added, called Sun Kissed, that doen't appear in the shoe match at all. I did buy it from from the inworld store. It had the most visitors on the "search" so I would assume that it's the correct one. It was Belleza, and only Belleza. If Belleza and N-Core don't work together.... 1. Why is Belleza listed in the N-Core matches? 2. Why are we not told, before OR after, that Belleza does not work with N-Core? (I have a TON of N-Core shoes, and this really puts a major damper on -- everything!) 3. What are Belleza users supposed to wear on their feet? Thanks for replying, but I am very confused. And angry (not at you). Thanks again...
  7. I really, really hope that someone can help me with this? I bought a new skin -- and by new, I mean new for me AND new from Belleza. The skins do NOT match the shoes. I tried the auto-match on N-Core, but that didn't work. The V1 Lily skins aren't the same as the V2 Lily skins. I sent a NC to N-Core, and it took a while to hear from them. (In the meantime, I had weird-looking feet.) I finallly did hear from N-Core, but she just suggested I change my viewer settings. I changed them, and the "Pale" was a little better. The "Medium" is not that great. And there isn't even a "Sun Kissed" option. Not sure about how the Tan will work. I never did hear back from Belleza. I did want an avi (shape & skin) that not everyone had, but I forgot about the shoes matching! This is turning out to be a major problem. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks so much!
  8. a friend of mine owns a monkey that she can get to speak... but now her words are coming out in green font, like the monkey's does. how do we stop this? thanks! ADDENDUM: I appreciate the reply about Preferences and Colors for Chat Text: I should have mentioned that we had looked at that first, and the "Me" section was still white, so that wasn't the underlying problem. please... what else could be doing this? thank you!
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