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  1. At it again, well I've been here since 2004, doing business since 2004, cashing out over $5000L a day since 2004. I've been here through ALL ths absolute crap and bs you people have droppped on us, but this will probably be it! So now I have to wait 7 days, yeah right I've had my money tied up for up to TWO WEEKS though Linden's exchange crap, (I've had to pay extra fees through other bills because I have money and I'm waiting to get MY MONEY, almost got me evicted one month because of it as well, thanks) so now I HAVE NO CHOICE?? Some of us NEED to utilize the instant cash out process and now you are seriously jeopordizing peoples REAL LIVES! How about we hold up everyone at Linden Labs paychecks for 7-10 days maybe 2 weeks? Well Linden Labs, you've done everything possible over the years to get rid of us old timers that BUILT THIS WORLD FOR YOU, (get some LL freebies and see how crappy they are compared to most of the everyday people's creations in SL). No problem, would like to say it's been fun, but it hasn't, it's been a nightmare over the years cause LL just does what ever they want, whenever, and with little regard to who it's effecting. (except like CNN and NBC and all the big "wood" contracts they could wrap their lips around! You should see how the rules "bend" for these people!) Time for the next generation to have at it, you win Lindens, Dog is out, 5ifth Order is out, and not like you guys would care, you just keep letting all the artists here get ripped and raped by your system and you just keep up the silly games and sooner or later there will be another one you and people will get tired enough.
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