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  1. I have to thank two very special people! They helped me this morning get my Log Cabin by the water!! It was a bit hard but we did it!! Thank you both so very much! Taz (tazara.bailey) & Matthieu Quander, you guys are AMAZING!! It's so nice to see people helping people!
  2. I missed the new LH and I am still wanting one by the water. If anyone is giving one up for the new Stilt homes, please let me know. I would really appreciate it very much!
  3. I am still looking for a Log Cabin on water. I found one across from some water but would love one on Water. Please keep me in mind if you are getting rid of one. TIA
  4. Atina0, is it by water? if so, can you let me know when you will release it? TIA
  5. If anyone is giving up a log cabin near water to get a stilt house, please let me know TIA
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