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  1. I have several eye movement huds, nothing is working. I have relogged, as well. =\ Right now I am all ghetto with post its on my monitor so I can catch the eye at a specific spot when it decides to roam there. I feel like I am back in SL circa 2006 atm. haha Or Pruitt Taylor Vince with his shifty eyes. @.@ I hope they fix the issue, there's no reason why we should not be able to isolate the eye movement and pause it for pics n stuff.
  2. Aww you are so sweet to have done that, thank you. Really, I appreciate it! Unfortunately, I checked the box, and eyes still moved. I used the sliders above that about the eye movements (which seem to directly relate to the debug settings I listed at first post), as well, and eyes are still moving. Maybe Firestorm broke this with their attempts to integrate it into their interface? ETA: Installed another viewer to see if this is still a problem or isolated to Firestorm alone. Using debug settings eyes still moved. Apparently this is on the SL/LL side of things and not a viewe
  3. Thank you for responding! I just looked through the avatar pull down menu, as well as the others, and also clicked myself for the pie menu - nothing like this is locatable. Could you please tell me the direct path of where to find this feature? =) Like I said, I just upgraded, so if it exists it should be there. (And yes, I have both advanced and debug menus activated, not finding this magical feature). ♥
  4. I use the Firestorm viewer, and I just upgraded to the current release version last night after realizing I could no longer pause the eye movements, thinking maybe that had something to do with it, but no. I do not use the vanilla SL viewer ever, please do not recommend I do if you reply trying to help. =( Usually I just use a hud to make my eyes stop moving about while taking ad pics for my store products, but that is ineffective now - not sure why these huds suddenly stopped working. My whole 'look at' or 'show look at target' are set in preferences to not show me or others my look at
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