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  1. I still have other land on Mashpee and love it there; including the people who are awesome neighbors. If you like to discus land prices (btw this plot has double prims) your welcome to do this on another thread like this or use search If don't like to deal with neighbors or historical sims, then this might be the thread for you https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/284-regions-for-sale-full-private-island/ You will have to pay monthly tiers above 152m2 https://secondlife.com/my/account/landfees.php?lang=en-US If you DO like to join a community as Bay City: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/37152-bay-city/?page=8#comment-1238638 (come join our 9th anniversary!) Also something about positive feedback
  2. Hi, I'm a landowner but use my land for my home and rented another parcel for my shop. Unfortunately that leaves me (as landowner) out, to make use of my pages. I wonder if this can be looked at to set your own TP location. I just read you could make a Jira: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-41652
  3. I'm selling my parcel on Mashpee because I have moved to a bigger parcel. This land is great for a Premium starter. The parcel is 512m2 with a rare double prims of 350 LI in Bay City. With a premium account you have no land user fees/ tier when bought with premium membership and you don't own any other land. Its next to a Moles Build and at the Mashpee Canal where you can travel through whole mainland waters, roads and sky. Bay City is a mid-century themed City and has a great community.
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