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  1. Thank you. It must have been something I overlooked or when i was playing in the HUD, no changes were obvious at the time.
  2. So I decided to go ahead and get the new Catwa head. Everything was fine until I was decorating my house for the holidays. As I was walking into a darkened room (environment was dark to see lights better) I noticed a spotlight on the wall but it moved with me. It was even worse facing the mirror. Now I tried the ctrl-alt-t, I see no facelight. Tried to look at pieces of the head, which wouldn't matter anyway since it's no mod. And yes, all while wearing nothing but the head. I even switched from my old Keme head back to the HDPRO, the light only show on the new one. Regardless I can't see where this light is coming from. Even funnier, at the right position near the mirror, it looks like car headlights LOL. I'll post a link to a short video I made to see what I mean. What can I do? Am I stuck with this? I don't want it if it can't be removed or turned off somehow...waste of money if that's the case.
  3. I picked up the free genus head a few weeks ago but can't figure out how to remove the ears for my mesh ones.
  4. Sorry, I didn't think that deep into it and think about other info you might need. It is Firestorm, I'd have to log in to see which one but almost positive its the latest release. It's not even that the pants are stuck visually but the inventory still says they are worn. I did relog, a few times. Guess I will download and try the SL viewer. FWIW they wouldn't detach in Lumiya viewer either. I will be back with any new info.
  5. I found a post about how to do a test avatar and go back to your old self to hopefully correct this issue, but that didnt work either. These white pants just won't detach! Any other options?
  6. I have just discovered how much easier it has become to watch video in SL. I can paste pretty much any hosted url into a flat prim on my land. My questions though, is how do I get say Youtube, to show the video fullscreen? I have also noticed any hosting site where you have to click a play button doesn't seem to work. What I'm hoping to do is create a video to use as background on a video screen in a club. Also, since this works with the web or image dropdown option in about land, how/where does a video need to be loaded to use the movie option? Thanks Edited to add photos... In the first one it wont play automatically,also shows whole web page. Second, again not full screen to watch just the video.
  7. Since they came in all shapes for 1 price, I just put on the Venus leggings even though I have Isis body.
  8. Alright thanks. They are simple leggings and super sleek. Maybe it's the sweatshirt top. It kind of pulls back in and attaches to the thighs at the bottom, unlike an old Jane tunic dress I have. Which I started to wear, but the cuffs are done really bad. lol Guess I keep shopping for a cute baggy, casual sweater/tunic.
  9. How do fix these mesh leggings from clipping thru my sweater? I tried adjusting my hips which did nothing cause the sweater and leggings moved with my mesh body. Yes, my clothes are for my specific body. and yes, my whole lower half is alpha'd in the HUD. Thanks in advance!
  10. Seems my 5+ year landlord and her company have left SL with no warning. I logged into my home today (of over 3 years) and my stuff was gone and it now belongs to someone else. He isnt replying to IM's all day to see about A) Why I wasn't asked if I'd like to still rent there. or B) How much is rent on the off chance I'd like to stay there. Anyway, I have been rather spoiled as I have been renting a piece of Mainland for $L720 /week with 700 prims, and 3072 sq. meters. Does anyone, by chance, know of anything even remotely close to $L1.2/prim for rent? Thanks in advance...
  11. I do. In fact I was just about to abandon it but decided to check here first. The land is set for sale in world and if it isn't sold tonight, I'm thru with it.
  12. I am willing to take less than I paid!! I have been trying for months to sell this land a friend sold to me.I'm not usually a paid SL user and can't afford the tier anymore. Its in myeolchi...secondlife://Myeolchi/216/96/128, not overly crowded and good traffic. Please reply here or IM me in world Myranua Eichel
  13. I don't use Google either. It's Bing or Yahoo for me.
  14. I don't think children like to be abused, but as stated above before, I can see where it can be thereputic. Or perhaps someone realizes now as an adult, that being spanked as a child is what lent them to like being spanked now. Perhaps reliving trigger scenarios like that is what they are after. I do not condone child abuse either, but see that fully grown adults have the right to choose their roleplay. At least SL is not RL and provides a safe outlet.
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