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  1. We have 2 8192 sq. m. Parcels available now on mature sim. Both have waterfront access! 1875 prims. We have a 4096 with 937 prims and a 1024 with 234 prims as well. Cheap tiers on Class 5 low lag sim. BREEDABLE FRIENDLY! Commercial or residential! Tiers collected monthly. Parcels can be combined depending on your needs. Privately owned sim with sim owner and estate managers living on-site. Parcels are set for sale and purchase will pay your rent through March 31st! Rent today and enjoy free rent through February 29th! Teleport to parcels! IM Dena McMahon for more information.
  2. As a designer, I have to agree that these will now further hurt my business making it more difficult for me to pay my sim tier to Linden Labs. Why visit my store, when they can click a link and have a free item? The sandbox idea is good in theory. However.....you are now building with thousands of others who can see what you are doing, giving them an oppotunity to take your idea, market it faster and cheaper thereby further hurting your business. In this economy, to make a true impact and offer a true gift to the premium members, especially the Concierge Level members, offer reduced sim tier fees or larger stipends. It costs the lab nothing to generate more Lindens, after all in their own words, Lindens hold no dollar value despite the fact we use real dollars to buy them. Like others have said, how about fixing the Grid issues. I feel like I'm back in 2007 when the lab introduced voice. I'm crashing for no reason, hving trouble just logging in, and the Marketplace is not delivering goods I've purchased despite the vendor trying multiple times to deliver them. Or, horror of horrors, fix Viewer 1 so it's compatible with this new Mesh so those of us who utterly detest viewer 2 aren't forced to use a substandard viewer or just throw in the towel and say 'I'm done, I'm out of here.'
  3. 900L$ gets you 1024 sq. m. hullside parcel that backs to completely empty sim owned by Governor Linden. Lower lag sim, hardly anyone on it. CHEAP!!! It's completely yours, as long as you have a premium account you will OWN this piece of land! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Odie/79/11/96
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