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  1. To Vick Forcella There'll be several ways to know if your question is asked (and answered). 1) If your question is selected, you'll be invited to appear on the show and ask your question in person (that will be a pretty big clue!). 2) You can come to the Live Show which will be held in the LEA Theatre on Thursday 19th November at 10am. 3) You'll be able to watch the show later on the Second Life You Tube channel and on AviewTV.com (and probably several other chabbels - we'll let you know on our website at https://labchatsl.wordpress.com/) 4) There will also be transcripts of the shows on
  2. Thank you for all your questions! The Lab Chat team is now going to look at all the questions that have been asked and select the ones that will be used on the first Lab Chat show. If your question isn't chosen, you may still have a chance to ask it in the open session that will come at the end of the show - if there is time. Any questions that appear after this post would have to be used in a later show.
  3. Ouch (if I am reading this correctly). The excessive bandwidth problems are due to continue for another week?
  4. My Magic Box has disappeared from my land. It's not in my Lost and Found. Basically, my Marketplace store is now dead.
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