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  1. I have a number of objects that give out URL's to folks, and they seem to be working for others but not for me, the owner! I click and NOTHING happens. No popup to invoke a browser at all. In Preferences, I am unable to move Enable All Pop Ups to Always Show....it won't let me. My Web Browser pop up setting is good, and it gives me that when I click a link provided in chat; however objects with URL giver scripts just won't work for me. Any suggestions on what might need to be re-configured? This is a new issue for me, and it is consistent across several viewers from SL v3 Beta, Firestorm, and release SL viewer.
  2. Upper left....under Actions, choose not to receive email notifications for this blog.
  3. I had been using the beta without any issues....today got the new release and it is wacko...everything is rainbow colors, sculpties not rezzing, prims not attaching, textures totally borked. WTF? I dumped it and downloaded again....same thing! Went back to the beta.... same thing! What the hell? Logged in with Phoenix....everything was perfect. Any advice???????
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