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  1. Rob sounds like a person very passionate about games and creativity AND a good manager. He and SL could be a perfect match. Hopefully he will not try to turn SL into something it isn't (like Mark Kingdon did) but rather leverage its strengths. Good luck!
  2. Naturally, there needs to be a good ballance. But if there are doubts, customer satisfaction should win. It's off topic here, but from some of the JIRA comments from the Marketplace team I got the impression their primary goal was to write as little code as possible. Generally speaking, if thousands of users suffer because one programmer made his life easier, there's something wrong. Don't let that happen with Snowstorm, please.
  3. I think the real point here is not whether there are 10 checkboxes in options, or 100 checkboxes. The point is that you, Snowstorm leads, should recognize issues that divide the userbase and address them. Not automatically dismiss them because solving them would add maintenance costs or because you personally don't think they are an issue. The chatbar focus is a model example, but there are many, many such problems in current Viewer2 UI. Your primary goal should be customer satisfaction, not making code maintenance/testing easier.
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