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  1. Well it looks like more sim regions are on the new server software and still some NOT - and apparently we have to wait a full day for remainder to come onboard. This whole thing has been extremely unfair on retailers with radio products, ready to send out their updates to cater for this supposed 'hack-fix' (which has been the recommended method for radio scripters to obtain stream data for several years), and on their customers who don't know whether they're coming or going. This has been a shameful implementation release and very unprofessional of Linden Labs IT....not to mention the lack of any kind of 'heads-up' through blogs or development transparency to us poor commercial scripters. I found out accidentally when a customer on a Magnum region reported script error spamming from one of my radio products some weeks ago (guess I was one of the lucky ones!). I wonder how many retailers/scripters are only just finding out about it now and scratching their heads?
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