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  1. im trying to get a mainland full region and i want it to be adjoining another sim is it possible to do this?
  2. im flabbergasted by yalls responses to this lady....
  3. Im lookin for a FEMALE sub in game and in world please no kids furries are okay IM me in game if interested im a 11 year vet of secondlife with alot to teach to a willing sub.
  4. yo u want a badass roleplay where u can kill ppl capture them and do whatever? how about raid villages and loot the spoils of war? well then im ur guy msg me ingame for more info
  5. im looking for a sub/slave for a gorean rp im a torvie jarl if interested or want more info hmu
  6. im after a ingame sub/slave if u want more info message me inworld
  7. im looking for a mage apprentice theres alot to it ive been in this game since 2004 and i love huds i love tricks n what not im looking for someone who likes to roleplay to a extent preferably 18-28 age range in game prefered and i will explain more
  8. Ok i figured why not its hard as hell to find friends in game anymore so i figured forums it is. Im a fighter in secondlife a builder a scripter a mesh creator a dancer a army general a king and the god of magic i love anything combat and roleplaying i have over 400 huds and 2000 swords n guns n kinda lookin for someone already into fighting and roleplaying or someone just wanting to learn. btw im 24 not new to sl
  9. I tried logging on today and it says i can not log onto secondlife on this computer but it says my account is active?
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