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  1. We have designed a new table game for SL and are seeking interest from scripters to code the required script. If you have had experience in SL table games, in particular algorithms using dice in sl, then this new game should be something that will interest you. To discuss this project and receive a scope regarding the game play and other rules, please im me Must be available to take on this work and have access to reliable communication Contact Shane Foresight in world to discuss
  2. ENT SL Radio has a very simple premise when it comes to the content and programming for the station, that is if you have an idea and want to take that idea and convert it into a radio show then ENT SL Radio will provide you with the backing to make it happen. Second Life is all about expression, imagination and socialisation, in bringing entertainment to the masses, the management at ENT SL Radio believe that the station can provide an opportunity, not only to provide entertainment to the listener but the freedom for the creative individual to perform. The great thing is that you don’t have to be a professional, you don’t need to have had experience to join us, just the ideas, the enthusiasm and the drive to make it happen. In this way ENT SL Radio is the people’s radio and will continue to offer this approach now and into the future. We currently broadcast over 20 live shows a week, these range from DJ's to information based shows to light comedy and entertainment formats. We also assist clubs and groups to grow through running many of the live shows at their venues bring ing people together, a collective will to acheive. So if you have the idea and the drive then contact us with your idea and let’s see where your idea will take you and us in the pursuit of providing entertainment to the masses. Website- http://entslradio69.webs.com/
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