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  1. This can be easily fixed by changing your "landing point", this can be found under your parcel menu. (Click the Land name at the top of the screen), Once the menu is opened, click "Options", and look for "Landing Point" once found, walk to the point you want to arrive at, and click "Set", and that's it! Hope this helps!. (If you would rather use your home point, set "Teleport Routing" to "Anywhere" and your home point will work)
  2. Not quite yet, I am trying to set up an exchange and cover the cost difference with the store for my CPU, if not, oh well, I'll go back to bulldozer when SL supports it
  3. I found my issue, it's the CPU, apparently Bulldozer series CPUs have a completely different architecture that is not supported in 64bit Vista or by most CPU needed programs, I'll hop to the Phenom II CPUs again, as it's clear my friends with almost the same setup are getting nearly 85FPS on their clients. (Even though that's impossible on a sim standpoint) And Speedtest results: 11ms Ping, 31.30 mbps download 2.09 mbps upload
  4. Ugh, tried everything, still the same results, 5 different clients, all the suggested options, it seems the FPS doesn't respond to any input I give, I am locked at 25-30fps outside of combat, just standing still looking at a sim wall, it's almost as if someone was taking the rendering pipeline and clamping it with a vice grip, literally not a single FPS gain from turning every SL feature off.
  5. If you are able to fetch the UUID of said object, using the following can help: default { state_entry() { list info = llGetObjectDetails(uuidHere,[OBJECT_OWNER]); llOwnerSay((string)llList2String(info,0)); } } However alot of clients support the ability to click on the name of the object (which is most of the time a link to the profile of the owner) Another way of doing it, is if it is a chat spammer, is to set up a listener on Channel 0, using listen()'s built in key id, will return the objects UUID automaticly, see below. key uuid; default { state_entry() { llListen(0,"","",""); } listen(integer chan, string objectName, key objectKey, string msg) { uuid = objectKey; list info = llGetObjectDetails(uuid,[OBJECT_OWNER]); llOwnerSay((string)llKey2Name(llList2String(info,0)) + " Said: " + (string)msg); } } ^^Copy and paste that into an object, anything sent over channel 0 will display the message and who sent it.
  6. Alright, first thing is first, my setup: AMD Bulldozer 8120, 3.1GHZ EVGA Nvidia 480GTX 12 GB DDR3 1600mhz 700watt PSU 1TB gaming hard drive (not solid state). ________________________________________________________ I found it it's the CPU, the Bulldozer has received less than...good reveiws on pretty much anything...I guess it's back the Phenom II I go.
  7. It's strange, I went back on Pheonix today, after last nights 10FPS **bleep**storm, and now suddenly I'm getting 45-50FPS, yet firestorm is still only 15....making sense this isn't!
  8. Even so, rendering on the fly doesn't seem to be an issue in my case as very little of my hardware is being accessed at any given time, even in busy areas I don't go past 25% CPU and 15% GPU usage.
  9. Only 12% of my CPU used and 10% of my GPU when running maxed out, I have lots of resources left, SL doesn't want to use them for some reason.
  10. Alright, lets get started shall we... I am running a AMD FX-8, that's 8 CPU cores, my GPU is an EVGA 480GTX, I have 4GB of RAM at 1600mhz and a gaming hard drive... Now let me ask this...why the hell am I only getting 15FPS on a gaming rig that can run ANY other game at 85FPS, yet secondlife can't seem to keep up if the gods them selves were rendering it, making sense this isn't.
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