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  1. I"M IN!!! yaaa... lol yet, the friends I were with are all gone now...
  2. my secondlife.com page is back up... no friends left logged in though by the look of it. and... STILL no login page for me... just a white incomplete firestorm page that just hangs up and never loads
  3. yep... i'd hate to get stuck with that snowstorm working for free too... poor things
  4. Yes SYN.. i've had that.. and my clock is just fine set to Central time.. i'm getting different messages now about checking status page.. that says everything is fine lol
  5. i'm not sure what their definition of 'intermittent issues' with SL logins means??? coz not being able to log in for hours at a time is a LOT more then intermittent issues? lol.. and they are 'actively investigating' the issue... so that doesn't actually say they are fixing it... like.. JUST SAY YOU CAN"T LOG IN TONIGHT SO QUIT TRYING! lol
  6. VERY ROUGH DAY... but it's been like it all day... it's my day off today and been trying to get in all day and it keeps crashing me... probably shouldn't buy anything at this time anyways Lucia Nightfire..
  7. i can't even get to my SL page to see what friends are online.. so not sure why they even bother to send out email that it's fixed when it's still far from fixed...
  8. HOPE they still working on it.. I keep getting the message that something 'unexpected' has gone wrong and a link to the status page... yet.. the status page says everything is working fine again and resolved.. BUT I CAN"T GET IN! lol... sheeeesh figures it'd be the one night i'm home and have time to log in
  9. I WANT TO GET LOGGED IN.. damn it.. how did you get the login screen up.. mine is just a white screen ... then got the message about my computer internal clock must be wrong.. and.. it's not wrong, it's the right time for me...
  10. I just got the email saying the issue is resolved... YET... STILL can not get the login screen to come up and log in... 4th time today i've tried to get in world
  11. Hi... been getting IM's in world asking where this location is... here is the map slurl! and if you put the Region Default Environment settings you will get the yellow/gold look... It's a great place.
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