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  1. Dyc is one of sl older night clubs. we have a lot to offer and for you to join. we got a nice dance floor. a long with dance poles for you to try your hand and making L. we also have live dj for your entertainment. on top of that we have a ground lvl space you to relax and just listen to music if you wish. we also have private room for your enjoyment. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dinosaurs Park/220/40/1303
  2. i'm looking for work, i've done sim work a long with building night clubs. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dinosaurs Park/11/128/23
  3. i need to fix this some i working on building and design sims, build clubs and things like this. i'm not able at this time to work on making clothing and avatars at this time. so if you need some to work on design and building for a sim club build or just building all around i'm able to do things like this.
  4. i'm a builder looking for work on second life. if your i need someone to build let me know. we can talk about what you need done. we can also talk about cost of what you want done.
  5. Dyc is looking for people to come by and hang out. we're and adult club with a lot going on. from pool space to dungeon area. a long with a few other spaces built into the club it self. we also have life dj at times. so feel free to come on down and check us out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dinosaurs Park/189/63/1295
  6. sorry about that i thought i put that in. here you go http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dinosaurs Park/13/128/23
  7. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dinosaurs Park/129/63/1303
  8. Please do and bring your friends. would love to get the word out on the place. also there some area you have to find. cause some of the ground stuff is under ground.
  9. DYC is one of the older club that still around on sl. it was opened back in 2008 and we welcome everyone. even humans since i do get that ask a lot. we welcome everyone as long as you don't cause trouble. we got a nice dance floor for you to enjoy. a long with a out door pool, roman bath, dungeon, gym and a place space. there even a bar if you want to just hang out and watch some dancers. not sure what else i can say but come on down and check us out. as always have a great day.
  10. i've been working on this sim for hell 4 year now i think. and well i mostly finished. it losely base about Jurassic park with my on take on it. have will once i have it all set up lab for people to rp in and even a sky lab space. right now there a club set up in the sky with a full sim rp space outside of it. with under ground lab space coming soon. the ground lvl had a number of place to relax chat or even rp if you got some dinosaur avs. we got a really nice beach with a overlook space you can sit and enjoy and relax. not sure what all to say but come on down and check us out.
  11. right now Dyc is hiring for all Staff spots, even mangers spot are open at this time. i will say up front that all spot are tip based. as right now we bare make enough to cover keeping the light on. we also could use someone for marketing to help get the word out on the club. everyone is welcome to come in and work or just hang out. we have ap for the main job in the club the manger spot you need to im me about. thank you for your time and have a great day
  12. just so you know it seem that radeon is working on this problem the newest driver seem to have fixed the problem a little. it not longer going from corner to corner on the rx 470. it a bit more of a long the bottom of the screen. so it not total fix but it does look as if it is being worked on
  13. i'm looking for someone who can make me a mesh t-red head. i'm looking to pay in L so if you can im me in world we can talk about what i'm looking for and how much it will cost me. thanks.
  14. DYC is hiring, we are a Furry club. But we welcome everyone, Human,Furry, Male, Female, Herm and so on. we are an adult club on and adult sim, yes we go have sex some times going on in the main areas. if this brothers you than this might not be the job for you. all jobs are tip based. dj tips 100% Host tips 100% Dancer tips 80% We are looking to hire dj for all shifts, as we are a 24 hour a day club. dj can play what they like as long as you can take requests. what is needed, you need to have your own stream. make weekly sets be 6 months old on sl and now have to stream and be able to dj. now for dancers, we are looking for male and female dancers. you need to be 6 months old on sl you need to be able to emote also be able to come in weekly for events and things. host, what we need here same as before 6 months old beable to work weekly shifts know how to work events and greet people as they come in. Feel free to come by and checks us out and pick up and ap if you would like to join our family. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mendon/94/33/1018
  15. i'm looking for someone who can make me a texture for the mesh [1A] Garou body. what i'm looking for is some good T rex textures. willing to pay if it doesn't cost more than the av does. you can get a hold of me in world for more info
  16. Strip Club and Yiff Hangout. A welcoming and friendly spot to spend your time and meet the most excellent DJs, Hosts, and Dancers. Dont let the name fool you or scare you off. DYC has plenty to offer and all the means to accomidate your needs. Whatever you desire, you can find here. DYC is always hiring new and friendly furs. They even support big avatars like the Feral Dragon! Here is but a small list of what to expect at DYC BDSM, Furries, Scaleys, Dragons, Yiffing, Dom, Sub, Humiliation, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Freedom, Straight, Gay, Herm/Futa, Bisexual, Orgy, Cuddles, Sex, Private rooms, Semi private rooms, Public Yiffing, DJs, Dancing, Hosts, Fun, Nude, Many Fetishs, Muscle, and More! Face Book :https://www.facebook.com/DYC-134112573632181/notifications/ Second life URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mendon/94/33/1018
  17. i'm working on setting up my own shop building many differnt things. what i'm looking for is someone who looking to make some money. i need someone who good at making textures, and who can work with mesh and stuff. what i really need is someone who willing to work with me on this thing then once we begin to sell stuff get a cut of what is sold at the time it sells. we can talk about what you think is a far cut and work on getting it set up. if you be willing to wotk with this please get a hold of me in world and we can work out all the detail or if you want to know more about the job at hand.
  18. i looking for someone who can help me with an avatar head. what i'm looking for to get a antro t rex head made i know what i want i jsut haven't found anyone who can do it right. feel free to message me in world for me details
  19. if your wonder what dyc mean it stand for Dragon yiffy club, but you don't need to be a dragon to work here. you can be human furry or even a muscle person. so if you like to join our growing family. we are looking for dj who have their own stream. you get 100% of your tips. also looking for dancers you get 85% of all tips. i'm also looking to try something a bit differnt, i'm looking for people who are either dom master or just a top. along with people woh are bottom sub or pet/slave. if you are one of these and would like to know more feel free to message me about the job. if you looking for the ap come on down to the club their on the wall as you can in feel free to grab one. they top/bottom jobs don't have an ap yet so message me about those jobs. thank you and have a happy holidays and a happy new year http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mazarron/67/83/1033
  20. this club is one of the older club that changed it name for a while. but we're back and ready to party. if your wondering you don't need to be a dragon to hang out here. you can be human, furry or even a muscle person. so if you looking for a nice place to hang out and have some fun. as in dancing, well we got a nice big dance floor. if you looking to yiff/ have sex well we got you covered with privite rooms. along with a pool area you can play in. we also got a side room with some run play toys. we also what i call semi privite room as their on the main floor and they got door on the room but people can easly look in and see what your doing. if you just looking for a place to go and cuddle with friends we got that covered to as most of the sitting spaces have cuddles built into them. so if you bored and looking for a new place to hang out come on down and check us out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mazarron/67/83/1033
  21. i'm looking for someone who can help me with a club design, i looking for someone who can work with scuplts or mesh, i want to to look good but at the same time i'm looking for it to be lower prim as i don't have alot to work with. i also need someone who can help with a theme and texture designs for a club lay out. i need someone who can work for not alot of L as i don't have alot or is willing to do some kind of trade for the work. feel free to get a hold of me in sl
  22. i'm looking for a mesh builder if you can work with it please message me inworld
  23. i'm looking for someone who can make animations please message me in world if you can thanks
  24. Hey there all! Come on down to the Dragon Yiffy Club. Don’t let the name fool you, we are open to all of the furry community, whether you be furred, feathered, or scaled. Come witness great shows from our lovely dancers, rock with the beat to the wicked tunes our DJs provide, and our more adult themed staff will have you begging for more. Come visit the Dragon Yiffy Club, you won’t be leaving too soon. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mazarron/64/67/952
  25. Want to create your own pond or hill on your homeland? Terraforming is even allowed for you to personalize the land in your plot! This is a low lag sim and we work hard to work on keep it that way. We're an adult sim with plenty of space for you to pick from. Plot | Size | Prims | Rent | SIM location | SLURL -C-2 = 1024sqm - 32X32 | 234 Prims | 400/wk – 1600 a month | Center Sim | Click to Visit! -C-3 = 1024sqm - 32X32 | 234 Prims | 400/wk – 1600 a month | Center Sim | Click to Visit! -D-3 = 1024sqm - 64X64 | 936 Prims | 1400/wk – 5600 a month | Water Front | Click to Visit! -D-1 = 4096sqm - 64X64 | 936 Prims | 1400/wk – 5600 a month | Water Front | Click to Visit! -C-1 = 2048sqm - 64X64 | 936 Pims | 1400/wk – 5600 a month | Water Front | Click to Visit! L$10 to buy the land, and rental fees as mentioned above. Sim name: Celestial Moon Sim rating: Adult Terraforming: Allowed Residential: Yes Shops With in Reason, if you want to know more about shops please IM Tyron Aristocrat Before setting up a shop on the land. If you have any questions; please don't hesitate to IM me (Tyron Aristocrat)
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