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  1. Olá amigos, venho divulgar o meu blog MundoLinden.Net que é o pioneiro em SL Blogging no Brasil. Atualmente somos a maior base dados sobre o Second Life em língua portuguesa no mundo inteiro. Visitem, comentem nossas postagens e divuylguem para os amigos! Abraços!
  2. Olá amigos, venho divulgar o meu blog MundoLinden.Net que é o pioneiro em SL Blogging no Brasil. Atualmente somos a maior base dados sobre o Second Life em língua portuguesa no mundo inteiro. Visitem, comentem nossas postagens e divuylguem para os amigos! Abraços!
  3. Madelaine, will be very difficult to get the admiration of all here. Just as many are prejudiced about vampirism in SL. So I ask you two things: 1 - SL would be better without vampires? Why? 2 - what vampires do to annoy so many people? Is that prejudice is not the biggest problem? If there furrys, Gorean, cyberpunk, lycans, demons, etc.. Why can not also be vampires?
  4. Hello friends, but if there are other HUD vampire, because developers are not aware of the forum and participating in the debate with us? This space is open to everyone.
  5. Hello friends, I have the idea that there is no reason why the noobs are protected. Because the vampire games are not harmful to anyone. Usually the dispute is the blood or the soul (virtual points only) of each non-resident vampire. But remember, it's a game! No one is stealing the soul of anyone in real life (serious!! lol). We have to be limits of what is good or bad in the virtual world. Simply this practice of virtual vampirism supplies a large community with its contents. Perhaps vampires is the largest community of Second Life and that is because of the fun with HUDs. I do not see any harm in it. Only positive points for encouraging noobs to be members of this community too. What's more, noobs can get into the game, as well as vampire, vampires hunters, angels or lycans! This is for all who do not like vampires, can be enemies within the same world that simulate HUDs.
  6. How your avatar's look has changed over the years? My avatar looks very dynamic. Since 2007 I have presented in several ways. Lately, I even customize a zombie skin to mark the arrival of Halloween — I’ve been using it for the past 30 days. The most striking appearances for my avatar in SL: Between 2007 and 2008: my avatar was a typical entrepreneur, woresuits and gave speeches to real companies in Brazil. We have made more than 20 appearances as evangelists of Second Life in Brazil, always using a formal appearance. Between 2008 and 2009: with changes in the course of advertising, I entered the market in appearance and with it earned a rich inventory of options, so always used a different avatar. Usually changing skin color, I liked to introduce myself as an African avatar. The black skin is beautiful on avatars in Second Life. Recently I used my avatar’s African skin. From 2009 to today: I have kept a Gothic style, mixed with steampunk style. I love steampunk technology and the theme is very rich; I joined the trend and created a new look. What's your favorite thing about building Vampire sims? I love the dark/Gothic style inworld. The buildings that recall the Gothic theme appeal to me; even the clothes in the Gothic trend are great as well. As for my personal style, I usually mix the Gothic vampire with steampunk technology. The combination is pretty nice. I was always closer to the "dark side" — lol. What's the most challenging aspect of building Vampire sims? The greatest difficulties are in finding good items prefab. The variety is great, but we still have few really good things that can reflect the details of dark style. There are still items of interactivity, such as NPCs that could greatly aid in helping beginners. Me and my partner are working on it and we want to create many NPCs vampire sims. Recently we read something in the press saying that Linden Lab would make room for the development of tools to assist in the construction of characters not controlled by humans. I believe this is very good, and should help not only the vampire sims but also to all sims, creating tools for the retention of newcomers. What do you do to relieve "creativity block"? I read a lot and play poker! LOL! Do you have any tips for organizing and managing people and projects? The SL is the continuation of RL. In other words, what we do for winning projects in RL, serves in part to the SL projects. Professionals tend to look good. People who are not interested only in entertainment but want to secure work in SL, focusing to achieve success. Whether for financial reasons or recognition of their work. Meeting a defined schedule is a great strategy. We cannot go around building things without first organizing it. Planning is the biggest challenge for those who want a project in SL. After planning comes the stage of seriousness, which is managing. If there isn’t serious management, focused and professional, the project will be lost. Throughout my almost five years of life in SL, I have seen many great ideas undermined by lack of seriousness in the planning and management. I often say that if you want to succeed in Second Life, you cannot play house. But we always have more people playing house! How long do you brainstorm before starting to build inworld? Depends on the project. For The Destiny we took about 15 days, just in the process of brainstorming. We are currently developing a new project and we are already brainstorming for three weeks. The average is 10 to 20 days. Is there anything that really gets your creative juices flowing? I feel very motivated in large projects. Particularly I want to hear the coins jingling when I sell my items— LOL! — it may seem a bit mercenary, but it is a good motivation. I have done projects outside of the vampire world that moved more than 3,000,000 per month. I always liked to see the numbers on my L $ balance rise. This is a great motivation, at least for me. =) What are some of your favorite Vampire shops, inworld or on the Marketplace? I love shopping on The Destiny (RPG), but I tend to shop and buy clothes. One I like best is the Gothcatz — a great style and excellent dressing. I even do skins and shapes as well. I had to temporarily disable my shop, becauseI am remodeling the collection. But if you were buying some type of skin or shape, I like the style of the store Redgrave. What are some of your favorite Vampire locations in SL? I like being in my area, mainly to take pictures. But there's always a beautiful place to visit called City of Lost Angels. It is worth knowing. In Brazil, we have some vampire sims with themes such as urban legends, City of Fear, and now one that stands out called Warriors of Time. I visited them all, but have not had much time to travel in SL, because of current works in progress. What is your advice to new or current Residents who want to get Involved in the Vampire communities? New residents must be more aware of community leaders. The most important thing is to have people who support them. Teaching is very important, and the older ones must have this consciousness. Beginners often choose clans or guilds that do not receive them as they should, and it ends up badly for the new resident of the vampire world in SL. We must change this and should learn from the older Residents. Therefore, I refer to new residents who are looking for clans to seek out clans that have as a principle guiding the beginners as well, including giving them support by a mentor or sponsor in the clan. Family structures are generally better in this type of procedure and better serve the new residents, having people nearby to help when you need it. What's the easiest way to get a great Vampire avatar in less than 15 mintues? First, if you want to be a real vampire, need to acquire a vampire hud, HUD including of course The Destiny , which can be found here: http://secondlife.com/destination/the-destiny Next you should choose a clan — I suggest the biggest of our universe: http://slvampire.com/ranking.php?server=jupiter And finally you should get a great look — this can be found in the Marketplace. If You Had only one hour inworld, where would you go and what would you do? That is a most difficult question! =) Maybe organize a big party at our sim, to celebrate the apocalypse! Wowww! What do you think your rather will look like this time next year? It is very difficult to keep my sim similar to what we have today. Usually change things every three to six months. Perhaps only the sites of each species or breed will continue as they are, with slight modifications. What do you think is The biggest misconception about the Second Life Vampire community? The biggest problem is the relationship with residents who do not accept the game, where we vampires fought the souls of every person. There are games that send notices asking for a certain interaction, which can be interpreted as invasive. It is not the case with our set of vampires. In The Destiny universe, people are victimized and attacked without even knowing they were victimized by a vampire, or other being. Our vampirism is sound, we do not send provocative messages, do not offer invitations to bite. Fortunately, our vampires already have the souls of more than half of the residents. That is, we have more than 10,000,000 of victims who were victims of our players. Often they victims of a vampire or a lycan, but many also have been blessed by an angel, or even shared experiences with a human vampire hunter. That is, our MMORPG is not offensive to the world of those who do not accept — however, it brings to the metaverse a charm that would not be met with other themes. We need to improve communication between residents and residents who like do not like the vampire theme, and integrate all into a sense of fun. Many people confuse fun with religion, detesting our game, only to say that the Demon is a sin. Sorry, but this is nonsense. It is a complex system of MMORPG, where people engage in a magical universe and fun, nothing more. Many communities have Vampire-related clans. Why do you think that is? A clan is a family of vampires. Our clans are very active in The Destiny — we have more than100 clans, some huge with more than 100 members. Others are smaller but no less important. Clans serve as the basis for the realization of the role-play, as it should be. The scenarios range from wedding parties to complex rituals of conversion to vampirism. For me it's very healthy that there are clans, they are a very important tool in spreading the culture, to support new residents and maintain the activity of each and every sim RPG system. I'm in favor of clans — I wish that Second Life had an official system for the management of clans — this would be very useful for the metaverse. What's your take on the "Twilight" series and the perception of Vampires in Second Life? That popularity has influenced your community in a way good or bad? The influence was worldwide. But the Twilight series is classified as neo-vampirism. That is, it misrepresented much of what the culture of vampires has to offer. The glow on the skin when it was exposed to the sun was cruel. Never should have been so. However, there was an increase in the interest of people to the vampire theme, and this brought new vampires to the world. It has been beneficial overall, but I disagree with the absurd deformities that made the legend of vampires. We are teaching the newcomers the legend of vampires! Watch out, there we are on the loose in all regions of Second Life. Does your soul still belong to you? See you in Second Life! ;-) Jean Liberato "Lindman" The Destiny Your Destiny is our Destiny!
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