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  1. Ok i having a problem with my account. I crash using some Invalid characters on my group tag. When i created a new alt. I seen that my group tag wasnt changed at all it still had the invalid character. I feel out a ticket but it been some time that a linden deleted my group tag, I do know this problem is still in effect. The reason why i need this done is becuz i taken care of business and i need to know if a linden is able to delete my tag on my main Shimasu Aichi , Display name: Shimasu S.Aichi. The group owner is too insanely hard to get in contect with, being she the only one that able to fix this problem, I looking for fast option to take care of this task. This is the first time i ever had login problem with viwer 2 not running right. Changing the tag do not help, The invalid characters need to be fully deleted in order to make this work from what i beleave. I not sure but i look at the bug and it just like the one i seen on https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-6608? bug tracker sight. Is there any way to speed this up so we all can go on with our lifes? Cuz this has nothing to do with firewalls and DNS login issues
  2. But after you did all this, did it work, alot of people need feedback on this manner.
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