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  1. okay im having an issue with my friendlist and its just one friend on my list that i cannot see. i can see them online on the secondlife website but i cant see them online in world now i have 3 accounts and i have them added on all 3 and i still cannot see them online in world and no to answer your question they do not have me blocked or muted or hiding their online stats from me because i was just on voice with them and they crashed and then i left a message as soon as they logged off and they appeared back online but wasnt really back online and now i cant see them online nor my messages are going through to them i kept trying to spam them with messages to make them appear back offline till they logged back on but nothing has worked i relogged i cleared my stuff i turned my computer off tried differnt viewers even tried to log into mobile and i still see them offline and they cant get none of my messages its like its not going through now when i make like a group chat with me and them and one of my alts they can get my messages through that way but they still appear offline i can also call their box its just i cant see them online or message them just one on one now i made a alt just now to see if they get my messages and they get my messages just fine idk what is going on but if someone could please help me firgure out what is going on please that would be great also i forgot i also tried to deleted and remove them and add them back but they are not even getting that its not going through to them
  2. yeah i tried doin that in beta grid but it dont work like whatever i do other there doesnt go back to the main grid i guess ima just try and get everybody to leave the group and let it delete its self and see if that work cause i submit a ticket but no one has got back to me yet i send like to already and im not a premium member
  3. yeah i do its my group that i made but i had it for so long now and all of a sudden i guess it causin probs but how would i beable to delete the group withought doing it from my main
  4. I have been trying to get into SL so four days now and getting the same message. Unable to connect to simulator. I have tried viewer 2and phoenix and same thing each time. I can log into secondlife_beta it lets me log in fine but i cant log into the main grid at all keeps saying loging failed unable to connect to simulator i changed my password i tried every viewer i even rested my compuer cleared my stuff and all that i restarted my internet connect i can log into the main grid fine wit my alts but not with one of my main accounts I don't know if its my group that is causing the problem or not but it says this Group created possibly involves "invalid character" preventing Login. Forum searches led to believe that group created has invalid character " < " which is preventing this avatar from logging in with Error: Unable to login, cannot connect to a simulator. Please delete group so login can be enabled. ... and I can't tp anywhere. I need help this is frustrating. I have tried on another computer as well and same message and I have gone as far as uninstalling sl and installing it again and same problem... someone please help me.
  5. im having the same prob but i dont know what to do and it wont let me do a ticket to talk to anyone can anyone help me please
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